Championship AO: 1st place in category, 1st place in musical direction Folk and Etno music, and the title of JUNIOR ACCORDION CHAMPTION. Congratulations David! David Tomič qualified to the championship AO in Serbia, on PRVA HARMONIKA VOJVODINE festival on which the contestants are accompanied by a remarkable orchestra of Miša Mijatovič. The festival Prva harmonika Srbije, which this year celebrates 15 years, will be held in October. The leader of the organisation is dr. Vesna Ivkov. David Tomič came to the championship from Bellinzona in Switzerland, which tells a lot about him and his parents, who support him and help him beat great distances. Congratulations to his parents, to whom the organiser of the championship Zavod AO sincerely thanks. We enjoyed unconditionally while David played and we hope to see you on Accordion Games 2018 on which David has successfully qualified with his final performance. David Tomič was born on 19. 12. 2002, and because of his talent he was accepted in the secondary music school Atelier della Musica one year earlier. He plays Folk and Etno musicc 3 years with his professor Ognjen Savič and he plays classical music for 2 years with his professor Momir Novakovič.