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Kanye West ft. The Game – Eazy (Official Music Video)

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The Game & Kanye West Eazy Lyrics aka My Life Was Never Easy Lyrics

Lyric video for Eazy by The Game & Kanye West / Eazy Kanye West 2022. This video features the Eazy The Game Kanye West Lyrics / Eazy Kanye West The Game Lyrics.

This is the official Kanye West Pete Davidson Diss Track. This Kanye Pete Davidson Diss Track 2022 was released this after his ex-wife Kim Kardashian has been dating celebrity Pete Davidson.
Pete Davidson Kanye West Diss Track.

Here are the official Eazy The Game Kanye West Lyrics / Eazy Kanye West The Game Lyrics –

[Chorus: The Game & Michel’le]
(He was once a thug from around the way)
My life was never Eazy
My life was never Eazy

[Verse 1: The Game]
Started in my Cutlass clutchin’ heat like it’s an open oven
Puffin’ chronic, Puff and Biggie out the window, speaker subbin’
Run into the Crips, it ain’t no discussion
Bullet wounds drenched in Hennessey and teaspoons of Robitussin
Head up faze, got a few concussion, yeah
Compton’s amazed, Dr. Dre percussion
God, please grant my n*gga eternal life, we need the beats
Aftermath where you fall asleep, you do not eat
And my belly is full, gorilla ridin’ the bull
Banana clips in the pool, swan dive in Clase Azul
The opps, I’m on they a$$, grandmama whoopings in school
This Wilmington and Brazil where n*ggas die in they jewels
Too many Problems, too many YGs
So many ties to dollar signs, easy to end up on E
I got shot up like Columbine, the Crips descended on me
Sign my name on the dotted line, that was vengeance on beats
This is the way

[Chorus: The Game & Michel’le]
(He was once a thug from around the way)
My life was never (Eazy)
My life was never (Eazy)

[Refrain: Kanye West]
There it is, there it was
Don’t interrupt just because
It’s no love
Shoulder shrug (Shrug)

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
How I ain’t bring nothin’ to the table when I’m the table?
I’ma turn up the music, wake up the neighbors
I’ma get that “Thug Life” tatted ‘cross the navel
This is how I am in real life, not just on cable
“Mr. Narcissist,” tell me ’bout my arrogance
No more counselin’, I don’t negotiate with therapists
God Ye, wanna let God in?
But tonight, I guess I’ll let my pride win
Cousin Dre sent me scriptures, helped me see life better
N*gga, we havin’ the best divorce ever
If we go to court, we’ll go to court together
Matter of fact, pick up your sis, we’ll go to Kourt’s together
I watched four kids for like five hours today
I wear these Yeezy boots everywhere, even in the shower today
I got love for the nannies, but real family is better
The cameras watch the kids, y’all stop takin’ the credit
Noncustodial dad, I bought the house next door
What you think the point of really bein’ rich for?
When you give ’em everything, they only want more
Boujee and unruly, y’all need to do some chores
Rich-a$$ kids, this ain’t yo’ mama house
Climb on your brother’s shoulders, get that Top Ramen out
God saved me from that crash
Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a$$ (Who?)
And my new b!*ch bad
I know Illuminati mad
This that New-minati, b!*ch
This that two Bugatti rich
This that “God did this”
Only God did this

[Refrain: Kanye West]
There it is, there it was
Don’t interrupt, just because
Ain’t no love, shoulder shrug
Won’t He do it? Yes He does
Won’t He do it? Yes He does
Won’t He do it?

[Chorus: Kanye West & Michel’le]
My life was never (Eazy)
This next one gon’ be (Eazy)

[Outro: Michel’le]
(He was once a thug from around the way)
(He was once a thug from around the way, easy)
(He was—, he was—)
(He was—, he was—)
(He was once a—, once a—)
(Thug from a—, thug from a—, from around the way)

This is the official Kanye West Pete Davidson Diss Track. Kanye Pete Davidson Diss Track 2022. Kanye released this after his ex-wife Kim Kardashian has been dating celebrity Pete Davidson.

Here are some alternate titles that viewers may search for this video by:
The Game Kanye West Eazy Lyrics
Eazy The Game Kanye West Lyrics
Kanye West Easy Lyrics / Kanye Easy Lyrics

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Kanye West Eazy Lyrics / Eazy Kanye Lyrics / Eazy The Game Lyrics

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  1. This is the video work of a so called Genius? Old SNL claymation skits of Mr. Bill has better design and stop motion. Kanyo, your on the OJ path , homey.

  2. We got to stop abusing the word genius someone invented all the stuff this uses to craft his art not to mention music has been around for eons yall kanye cult members responsible for this guy .

  3. Never thought I'd be defending Kanye West. I'm not even a fan of his music and I think he's insane. I think a lot of people are missing the point of the video and it's meaning. This isn't about wanting to kill or hurt Pete Davidson, well yes it is but that's not the point. The meaning is he's saying he's going to turn his anger and hatred into something beautiful. And that this is just another hardship which he's had all his life but will get through. At least that is my interpretation of the song and music video.

  4. This is so sick, all jokes aside. He has some mental problems! When Kathy Griffin did less than what's in this video, She was banned from everything! If he has any real friends, they need to pull him to the side and set him straight. Before he goes to prison.

  5. Lol everyone talking about shot we don’t know about. This all can be publicity 💀

  6. Ok video weird af but song Go 🔥 glad to see Game focused back on music instead of in his feelings after the sb performace miss and die hard eazy fan so always luv seeing any kinda homage to Eric

  7. This song is wrong on so many levels but damn this song SLAP’s! Btw Pete you should really get a restraining order…..j’s 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Welp, that's worrisome. It's hard not to side with Pete after watching this. Ye, Kayne, whoever… he's being creepy.

  9. This video is offensive That video reminds me of how emmitt til looked in 1955 R.I.P.Emmitt til this video is wack kanye you goin to Hell for this even the devil herself would be happy about this but god would NOT i just hope i don't get Nightmares about this video this shit is just offensive for me i mean just u don't like somebody doesn't mean u should be an social media BULLY..

  10. Kanye is only Making Pete pound Kim harder n harder

  11. Burying a claymation version of your ex-wife's new boyfriend is not a replacement for divorce counseling, Kanye

  12. Kanye, I don't want to judge you nor can I but.. The heart is a fragile place and you obviously love class, good shoes.. haven't been able to buy one, I love your creativity… but even if you Got Kim back, you chasing snail trail… non of it makes sense, she is doing this to fuck with your soul like a succubus. Pete Davidson… I doubt it… maybe it is all fake but… if Not, Focus on getting your art out . I wear my heart on my soul not to say I always have but I know that unless this is a big magic trick, Don't go so far for her snail trail when your kids need love. I understand emotion, take it out in your heart but you do what you do. I know it has to be hard to find anything like that when you go so deep and live so much life. Therapists.. I know.. it's like they are fascinated with your problems then it's like times up next week? No FUCK OFF, I would rather wright my own put it on paper, draw it on my new clothing brand… totally different situation but I lost a lot of family that are still alive because they didn't understand me… So it fucked me up for a few years.. still had fun but a carried some negative weight that added to my burdens. Anyway. Your cool… Emotion makes art better when you can put that feeling to it… No matter what As an Individual, it sucks to be in something deep and know it was wasted. So keep it good. Respect. Your life is more important than anything because no matter what, at some point in every day, we are alone no matter what. I will design a cool skateboard and Hoody from my clothing brand… I saw your documentary about YEEZY… so during COVID shit, I made a brand… maybe not your style but I will find a way to send it if you like it… not created yet. Atrix Universe via LaTchKEY el Presidente of the fractal of the AtrixU God Bless

  13. And for your people saying Kanye is sick get a life this is hip hop and yall love controversy… Y'all don't say nothing when her whole family prey on blaccman an turn the tables,she loving this..hump an nigga you'll be famous 😂😂😂

  14. Someone should do this to Pete IRL, Kim is Kanye's girl!

  15. I know if i wasnt allowed to see my kids when i wanted to but a known junkie was up in my house with my kids id catch a case .. fuck kim and skete . Oh and fuck cudi too he been wack for a grip anyways .

  16. Didn't Game make a song about Kim….guess Ye forgot

  17. Y’all never watched celebrity death match and it shows. Shit goofy, not a threat 😪

  18. This guy will literally be chasing Kim lookalikes the rest of his life. But yet he was living in Wyoming most of the end of their marriage years. But now he wants her back. Come onnn 😂

  19. This i isn’t Music. This is benevolent trash reflected from within this so-called artist. Count your losses wipe your tears and move forward like a man with integrity. Infantile behavior is getting old and embarrassing.

  20. This thing ended Kathy Griffin's career. Wouldn't care if it did the same for Kanye. idiot.

  21. Yeah Kanye weird af 😂😂 needa chill with this

  22. How could any comments be more disrespectful the this god awful PIECE OF SHIT!

  23. The most unstable man on the face of the planet…and that says a lot especially with Putin waging war right now. Get some help dude, you're embarrassing yourself

  24. EVERYBODY relaxxxx, it's called art therapy, and yeezy an ARTIST at the end of the day, expressing himself, EVERYBODY bitches these days 😴 whining over a VIDEO SO 😱 SCARED LOL

  25. Everyones butt hurt but Skete is the reason this all started, ye just finishing it

  26. I’m just here to read all the Ye hate comments. Y’all was loving that gospel music though 😂😂😂

  27. i dont get how pete can get fire girl.. he looks like sid the sloth wtff?

  28. Kanye you need help. Pete did nothing TO YOU

  29. Didn't game fuck Kim also or a sis not saying it's bad small community but they both going to the cookout right ..nim worried about the cookout like what are we serving .. need a menu … My life was never easy 😳 seriously who's getting the greens shit it's gonna real if we don't make it right wtf 😒

  30. Damn Kanye struggling with views and likes sheesh

  31. Kanye always been controversial! This is no different. Sometimes people need to vent to heal. This is HIS therapy. Y’all don’t have to understand it but your here listening to it. 🙏🏾💯


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