KheloKhelo: Body Rhythm Game -

KheloKhelo: Body Rhythm Game

Music Basti
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Introducing Music Basti’s “KheloKhelo” series of instructional classroom videos! These exercises and games, and the variations for them suggested in the videos, present a means to reinforce musical ideas through different kinds of games and exercises. These not only make learning fun, but also help promote coordination, memory and recall, language and math skills. Learning music increases various life-skills like cooperation, creativity, self-esteem and leadership, as well as social and academic skills too.

Thank you to Teach for India for sharing your classroom with us to create this video.

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  1. this video gave me tons of inspiration. thanks!

  2. Great video! Using this as a base for a lesson about percussion, rhythm and beat that I'll be teaching on Wednesday to my Grade 4s Thnx 😀

  3. I would love an English translation please! Love this!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! That’s Hungarian!

    …I think.

  5. Perfect warm up for primary school music lessons. We did it to medium 12 bar blues backing. I made the older kids do it twice as quick for a challenge.

  6. If you're facing the students you would move your opposite foot…to mirror their movements.

  7. Hello i am starting new job as music teacher in school so can you give more of these type of lesson from where i can get and more videos?

  8. I LOVE THIS! Even though I don't speak the language I totally got it! going to do this with my students!

  9. Such joy in their faces ! Music of any shape or form = BLISS. Yes to life!

  10. I absolutely love this! As a music teacher I believe this has so many practical applications in my classroom (Echo, Call and Response, possible Form). This is appropriate, at least for me, for my Grade 1-3 students.

  11. I would love to do this with my students in Sweden – but with the language used in this video! Is there someone who can write the words for the thigh-claps and the jump??

  12. I showed this to my kids and we learned it together. My third graders are adding a move every day. It's getting elaborate and is an excellent source of pride for students who usually struggle to follow along. wow!

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