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Learning How To Make Music For My Indie Game

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📋 Chapters
Intro: 00:00
The Adventure Begins: 00:25
First Attempt Making A Song: 03:57
First Completed Song: 07:03
Making An Action Song: 08:50
Making A Chilled Out Song: 11:06
Moonlight Jellies: 12:30
VICTORY: 13:16
Finding The Groove: 15:20
Courses I Took: 18:30

In this video I will attempt to learn how to make music as a complete beginner. I don’t play any instruments and I don’t know anything about music really. The goal is to be able to make video game music for my indie game.
This is Punch A Bunch Devlog 25.

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  1. you should make it so for the final boss for each league you should get some sort of there power when you were the belt.

  2. Which one did you used to find all the 64 Mario sounds

  3. I personally feel that this game would be better and more fun if you could make your own championship with custom boxers, you could unlock cosmetics and abilities by defeating the bosses in the other championships to put on the boxers in the custom championship. Just an idea🤔

  4. Pontus u are my cousine, im Dennis kid Klara👍😱

  5. Can you make players to do is custom their own enemies

  6. Hey man, great job with the music, especially for your first go. I taught guitar for 13 years at a music store, played for 30 years now, and come from a musical family (play drums, bass etc.. as well), used to use fruity loops back in the early 00's as well. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I think your doing really well and you impressed this musician! 🙂

  7. you should add 2 player sometime, it would add possibility for so many new features like 1v1s, Multiplayer, 2 vs a Boss etc.

  8. You sould make a boss of your dog in a little mech

  9. you should add a different unique font for ur game cause the default font looks kinda doo doo. So a bubbly font should look kinda cooll

  10. Just finished binge watching this series so far, can’t wait to see what else this game has in store! Also, sort of looks like a remaster of an old n64 game. Good job! This is probably a bit late, but maybe you could make a button that says “Fan Art” in the main menu and it could show off fan art of the game. The music you weren’t sure would fit could also be great for the beach level.

  11. This takes me wayyy back, I just more excited to play ur game now keep up the good workk

  12. This is pretty impressive for not having previous music knowledge.

  13. your game was great until now, this music is actually hurting it, I'm not trying to be mean, just giving my opinion.

  14. I don't know why but the pan flute in the action song just fit perfectly.

  15. I’m so exited to see the game it’s been such a great journey.

  16. Hey pontypants. I'm wondering what the release date of this game. My brother and I have been dying to play the 2-player version of this game.

  17. As professional guy that jams out to music, you lit a flame in me, your music really helps me improve on my professional skills by jamming out to your songs.
    But really my favorite song is the one that you said you were going to put in the later fights, and more description is that it is a little bit more 8 bit. Great job and you are very motivational!

  18. make Toby Jr as the final boss aka the robot man,
    BTW this was in "making more bosses for my game" video.

  19. Nah bro that first one tuff asl you gotta keep it like that, or if you change it give players a option to switch to the og One you made in this vid, or unlock it etc

  20. I have another boss idea that is like Devolgs Ice and Fire. You can summon fire balls out of the sky and send up ice spikes from the ground. You can make this big fire and ice ball and you have to dodge it.
    Another idea would be an evil boss. He has a dark blackness around him, the hair like a sumo guy, and he can summon darkness spikes and you have to dodge these darkness balls that he shoots out.
    The last thing, make the bear boss do some damage when he’s hugging!

  21. Please we want to here your buatifull singing. We want to hear the song you made for your dog

  22. I spelled i know I know I spelled it wrong I’m very tired

  23. Please make another video game like the one in the game jam! Here’s a good idea for a punch a bunch boss: make a boss that shoots down meteors onto the platform from the sky!

  24. I think the level for the monk could maybe use lots of traditional instruments or a pan flute? Something that could fit the vibe of being high on a mountain, and something that doesn’t sound south eastern. Do what you want, have fun.

  25. I've been working on a ww2 based game and i'm trying to make guns in blender is there anything you recommend

  26. The first time I used fl studio I just clicked randomley in fl studio and somehow you got the exact same pattern I did for the main theme

  27. Hey I wont To know if you can make a tutorial about how to setup utility ai with a simple example? Please

  28. you should make an online 1v1 mode after you have finished the main game.

  29. I feel like there needs to be some soundaffects while you are in the menu.

  30. Can you make it a mobile game to? So mobile poeple can play it

  31. Plz release it on playstation and maybe add multiplayer so we can play with friends

  32. Can you give me the recipe for the algorithm juice?

  33. I have an idea i think you should do a song for the puppet and make it sound like… the lavender town theme from pokemon lavender i think

  34. ATTENTION: There's a bunch of fake accounts pretending to be me replying to your comments – I never reply to comments. (Joking) 😁 They claim you've won a prize with a fishy link included, if you see any of these, please report them as spam. To be sure it's actually me replying to your comments, look for the checkmark next to my name. Also, don't forget to wishlist Punch A Bunch on steam 😉

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