List of Hooking Music Instruments Games
List of Hooking Music Instruments Games

List of Hooking Music Instruments Games

Check out the list of music instruments games. They’re online, browser-driven, and free of charge. Launch any browser and enjoy titles without downloading anything. High-quality visuals and gameplay are guaranteed.

Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano

Welcome to a platform where you can hone your piano skills. And you are not alone here. Enjoy the power of notes with other people. Chat with them in a special window. Or create your own room, share a link with friends and invite them in! There are plenty of opportunities to adjust your keys. Choose the model, sound effects, colors, etc. And even record your melody to remember it.

Piano Helix Jump: One of the Best Puzzle-Based Music Instruments Games

Piano Helix Jump

Slow-paced and meditative, the title offers offbeat settings. You’ll see round piano-styled platforms that swirl one under another. However, they are not integral. Use the gaps to lead a violin clef to the lowest level. Rotate the construction with your mouse and find the most optimal way down.

New Looney Tunes: Wacky Band

New Looney Tunes

Ready to hang out with the characters of the famous cartoon series? They’ve put aside their disputes and gathered to enjoy nice melodies together! With 11 funny creatures, pick up to 8 to let the sounds flow! Bugs Bunny uses his ears. Tweety Bird – bass trumpet that is several times bigger. Tasmanian Devil – a drum set. Find out what other guys do in this title!

The Loud House: Rocking Out Loud

The Loud House

Ready to become a leader of a very promising band? Start small in your own garage. Then invite friends to join. Perform on different stages: living room, on the street, concert hall. And maybe one day you’ll conquer a huge stadium. Click on the right musician when it is their time to play. Blow bubbles with notes to earn points. Spend them on upgrading your team (better instruments, dynamics, lighting, etc.). You can also play free fnf mods online right now at

Bookaboo: Puppy Drum Jump


Playing drums is fun. What about jumping on them? Become a cute dog who hops on musical instruments and produces cool sounds! Complete numerous levels and catch bonuses that look like notes. Remember, you can miss only twice. Then a trampoline in the lower part disappears. It’s one of the most action-driven online music instruments games.

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