Listening to Nostalgic Mobile Games OST Be Like: -

Listening to Nostalgic Mobile Games OST Be Like:

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  1. Aww I used to play sonic dash

  2. uns anos depois, e Burrito Bison poderia entrar na lista também

  3. Sad not to see Ayakashi Ghost guild, but I got reminded how good Geometry Dash music is! Thanks! 😀

    Also, there are good mobile games even today people!!

  4. You ain’t real if you never played temple run and jetpack joyride on the nook

  5. When games were actually good unlike games now like "twerk heroes"

  6. 2:57 When the Clash of Clans ost came up, that, THAT, was when I had to say YES, that was exacly how I felt.

  7. Is it just me or I have literally played almost all of these games.

  8. Hill climb racings ost was so good though.

  9. Where are Sega's Sonic cars??
    Where Sonic jump? Before it gets expensive
    Some of them don't exist!?!
    Look. I'm a Sega fan, you put out one game. Ok, before Apple ARCEDE. WHY isn't it here??

  10. Subway Surf
    Candy Crush Saga
    Clumsy Ninja
    Shadow Fight 2
    Extreme Car Driving Simulator
    Pixel Gun 3D
    Garena Free Fire
    Geometry Dash
    Agent Dash
    Annoying Orange Splatter Up
    Carnivores Ice Age
    Doodle Jump
    Tiny Thief
    Beach Buggy Racing
    Plague Inc
    Rail Rush
    8 Ball Pool
    Robbery Bob
    Anger Of Stick 5
    Stick War Legacy
    Soul Knight
    Dumb ways to die
    Sonic Dash
    Fruit Ninja
    Ski Safari
    Hungry Shark Evolution
    Temple Run
    Temple Run 2
    Into The Dead
    Hill climb racing
    Where is my Water
    Earn To Die
    Fnaf 1
    Smash Hit
    Granny Smith
    The Room
    Cut The Rope
    Monument Valley
    Ant Smasher
    Drive Ahead!
    Falling Fred
    Super Hexagon
    Angry Birds
    Bad Piggies
    Clash of Clans
    My Singing Monsters
    Banana Kong
    Kingdom Rush
    Minion Rush
    RedLine Rush
    Jetpack Joyride
    Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter
    Angry Birds Rio
    Plants Vs Zombies

  11. *coming The theme Of NFS Most Wanted *

  12. People who actually had these games no cap 🧢

  13. That Minecraft animation for angry birds rio is so nostalgic

  14. People say, clinging into nostalagia for too long would lead you to cling onto it for too long.

    It's time I return this to the archives (except for CoC), and move on to greener pastures

  15. Back then when Games are pure Arts and not just Copying Old Games like now

  16. This video serves another purpose of being a list of best mobile games to play

  17. wait there is a thing for mobile game OST. hahahaha dude i m speechless. fan base for non gamers who think there are gamers for OST which isn t worth to be called. dudeeee. hahahaha. there is a fan base for every shit on the internet it s just mind blowing. the losers who play mobile games are thinking they are gamers. hahahahahaha i love it

  18. I remember when i was a kid back in 2011-2019 , i played all the app games and im enjoying it 😊

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