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Lofi Video Game Beats

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A lofi megamix of all my video game covers and more.
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All covers made by me.
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0:00 Pokemon Lofi Center (Pokemon)
2:16 Green Hills (Sonic)
4:29 Faint Courage (Deltarune)
6:37 The Great Sea (Zelda)
9:47 Adventure Time (Main theme)
12:13 Clark (Minecraft)
14:22 2AM (Animal Crossing)
17:06 Danny (Minecraft)
19:31 True Kinda Love (Steven Universe)
21:55 An Unwavering Heart (Pokemon)
24:32 1AM (Animal Crossing)
26:48 A Cyber’s World (Deltarune)
29:07 Peach Like The Princess
31:28 Being Human (Steven Universe)
33:36 Ocarina of Time (Zelda)
36:43 Beginning 2 (Minecraft)
38:49 Stikcerbrush Symphony (Donkey Kong)
41:42 Ballad of the Goddess (Zelda)
44:12 Comfort Show
46:37 Continue (Mario)
49:26 Breath of the Wild (Zelda)
51:36 Dead Voxel (Minecraft)
53:39 A Simple Diversion (Deltarune)
55:45 Bubblegum K.K. (Animal Crossing)
57:51 Gerudo Valley (Zelda)
1:00:05 Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)
1:02:14 Dry Hands (Minecraft)
1:04:17 Living Mice (Minecraft)
1:06:54 Cianwood City (Pokemon)
1:09:33 Astral Observatory (Zelda)
1:12:03 Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong)
1:14:46 Mice on Venus (Minecraft)
1:17:30 Great Fairy (Zelda)
1:20:00 K.K. Cruisin’
1:22:28 Attack of the Killer Queen (Deltarune)
1:25:02 Lighthouse
1:27:12 We Are The Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)
1:29:26 Route 201 (Pokemon)
1:31:53 Girl Next Door (Deltarune)
1:34:23 Being Human (Steven universe)
1:36:36 Elegant Entrance (Deltarune)
1:39:30 Aquarium Park (Sonic)
1:42:08 File Select (Mario)
1:45:01 Lon Lon Ranch (Zelda)
1:47:09 Luerlin Village (Zelda)
1:49:27 National Park (Pokemon)
1:51:52 Outset Island (Zelda)
1:54:18 Route 209 (Pokemon)
1:56:54 Star Festival (Mario)
1:59:13 Unwavering Heart (Pokemon)
2:01:26 Lost Girl (Deltarune)
2:03:47 My Castle Town (Deltarune)
2:05:57 Moog City (Minecraft)
2:08:18 Pigstep (Minecraft)
2:10:23 Flying Mario (Mario)
2:12:25 Good Egg Galaxy (Mario)
2:15:02 Shuniji (Minecraft)
2:17:03 Let’s Go home (Pokemon)
2:19:17 Soaring Illusion (Pokemon)
2:22:49 Subwoofer Lullaby (Minecraft)
2:24:53 Sheik’s Theme (Zelda)
2:26:57 Lost Woods (Zelda)
2:29:42 Minuet of Forest (Zelda)
2:31:49 Sidon (Zelda)
2:34:01 Sweden (Minecraft)
2:39:53 Twilight FIeld (Zelda)
2:38:36 That Distant Shore (Steven Universe)
2:40:10 Underwater (Mario)
2:43:16 Zelda’s Lullaby (Zelda)
2:45:17 Zora’s Domain (Zelda)
2:47:36 Flowers
2:49:58 September
2:52:12 Wet Hands (Minecraft)
2:55:02 Windfall Island (Zelda)

Wow, this took a long time to type out!


  1. Hey my teacher used to play this in the classroom all the time! I'm outta high school now but he was one of the best teachers I've ever had.

  2. when that first pokemon center songs comes on, it restores my HP! 🫀💡

  3. youtube is saying you can't buy the FREE TRIAL of youtube premium if you have $0.22 cents in a pre-paid gift card… it's a FREE TRIAL so let me GET IT for 3 months… idiotic

  4. We gonna ignore the random adventure Time lofi around 10 minutes in? I just like how adventure time isn't a game but is in here so I can vibe to both

  5. it makes me happy that I'm not the only one who LOVED Stickerbrush Symphony's music.

  6. This really helps me to concentrate at work, thank you and great job! <3

  7. What an amazing playlist. thank you so much for this!

  8. Hey, I'm wondering where the "Comfort Show" song originated?

  9. This is amazing! Honestly, I'm gonna use it as background music for my Study With Me Video and you can claim it I don't care

  10. Underrated list! That Lapis Lazuli is hitting just right!!

  11. This music is literally my peace and I do the most productive work in my life with this on. Literally an anxiety vacuum for me! Thank the universe for you!

  12. all theses songs are really good and bring good memories. but The Great Sea (Zelda windwaker) is the most nostalgic one… omg I had goosebumps and almost dropped a tear

  13. Professionally done. Thank you for the upload. 👍

  14. Hello ! Sorry to ask but are those music copyright free or is there anything to do to use them in streams or videos ?
    Thanks for answering 😀

  15. buen tema para despejar la mente buena lista amigo mas trabajos así merecen ser apoyados y reconocidos

  16. Man i listened to this in the background one time and loved it and now i came back to see all the songs and HOLY. 'File select' is my favorite. Good Work!! Absolutely love these!

  17. I really like this vibe, both nostalgic and entertaining.
    Have an awesome day !

  18. Thats rule bro, its fu****g amazing, really … Follow you and bell. Really amazing. Can be use in streaming ?

  19. Bro am I the only one thinking great sea sounds like something that would play on a champion road in a pokemon game

  20. I've been feeling quite weird. I don't wanna wake up in the morning, I'm no longer interested in anything, and I just wanna go cry in the bathroom alone

  21. I want one of these remixes to appear in new or remastered versions of these classic games!

  22. sehr entspannend, hatte es nach einem rave gehört. war gut

  23. Broooo you got me hooked to this with the first song! My childhood loves you so much!

  24. Jw…is it non copyright as well to be able to play it on streams if we credit you ?

  25. "Always be mindful of the kindness and not the faults of others."

    – Buddha

  26. I approve this video for the soul <3 well done bro keep up the amazing work and content

  27. September, What game is it from? It is a good song

  28. So my three year old falls asleep to this clutching a Bowser stuffie.

    Thank you for your work!

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