Making Video Game Music with FREE Programs || Shady Cicada -

Making Video Game Music with FREE Programs || Shady Cicada

Shady Cicada
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► Full Song [Daemon Navis] – 10:27

Making video game music with free programs. It’s actually not that crazy at all, but I thought it’d be a fun way to show people how they could get started if they don’t have a budget to start with! Many composers out there have used free programs (Toby Fox being a big one). The rest comes from practice and experience. This was a super fun video and I hope you guys enjoy!

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Balloon Guy Animation done by oa.padron:
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Current Balloon Guy avatar drawn by Dorsa Bidhendi:
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Guitars: Ibanez RGR652AHBF Prestige, Fender American Elite Telecaster, Schecter Banshee Elite 6 (with Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega Pick ups)
Bass: Fender American Performer Precision Bass, Ibanez Soundgear
Strings: Elixir “Light-Heavy”
Orchestra: East West Symphonic Orchestra (Platinum Version)
Synths/Synth Drums/Various Instruments: Xpand!2
A bunch of other Stuff: NI Komplete 12

Interface: Line 6 UX2
Audio Software (DAW): Cubase 10 Pro
Tone Software: POD Farm 2 & Bias FX
Drums: Superior Drummer 3
Mixing/Mastering Software: Izotope 5
Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Video Camera: Canon Rebel T5i
MIDI Visuals: MIDITrail

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  1. Now the only thing stopping me is a lack of musical knowledge, motivation and chronic procrastination. I'm like a real musician.


  3. Shady: "This is gonna sound like 'Break the cycle' isn't it?"
    Me: "Yes."

    Edit: normally, the meme of answering "yes" is used when its not a "yes or no" question. so this meme is kinda bad ;-;

  4. Keep making megabops, Shady. You’re an inspiration to me, man.

    Edit: I also hope you make it to 300k too

  5. Wow at 4:35 i thought it kinda reminded me of mario rpg's factory theme then you said that

  6. Anyone catch the name of the program? Did he say it in the video and I just missed it or something?

  7. Can you please make a song for me IM A BIG FAN

  8. I heard that it’s easy to steal music using DistroKid

  9. Daemon = Supernatural Being
    Silvus = Forest (Nature)
    Navis = Ship (Water)

    Optional song titles to throw out for Shady here:

    Daemon Nubis (Nubis = Sky)
    Daemon Ignis (Ignis = Fire)
    Daemon Tellus (Tellus = Earth)
    Daemon Inanis (Inanis =Void)
    Daemon Lucidus (Lucidus = Light)

  10. This feels like it could absolutely belong on the Celeste soundtrack

  11. Hey, month late! Just wanna say you're a very huge inspiration for me. I've started to work on music more due to listening to some of your songs. They really help a lot when I come to a road block!
    (This song gives me cave exploration/rainy day vibes btw :))

  12. the daw is free but the plugins cost an arm and a leg xD

  13. Casual Killing Spree Welcome To The Apocalypse says:

    hey Shady Cicada
    have you ever used Magix Music Maker 2020 I got for free on steam and was wondering if you had an experience or tips for using it.

  14. Idk how but this gives me some Steven Universe vibes.

  15. Me: "Wait, free music programs exist?"
    Shady: "Always have."

  16. Bro, this video was super good. you think you could try something similar with LMMS? It's also free but way more complicated so i think it'd be funny seeing you try to learn how to use it.

  17. This track makes me think of some underground laboratory and while you haven’t seen anything directly malicious in it you still get an uneasy feeling from it like it has a dark secret.

  18. "I ended up taking a nap for 20 minutes… but it ended up being 4 hours"
    If that isn't the biggest mood even today

  19. I tried installing these programs but I honestly have no idea how anything works… I can't figure out how to add the instruments to reaper

  20. I use LMMS and it's really good once you learn all the jank about it

  21. Full version of Reaper is 60 dollars. A music producer I listen to called Camellia uses Reaper. Winning

  22. Can you tell me what music is in the background before 'singularity mode' appears? @Shady Cicada

  23. Reaper is not free, it just has a really good free trial. 😉

  24. h-hello! a little question what programs did you use to do it ??? The one at the beginning and the one you used to make the song?

    Sorry if I ask, is that my understanding of English is not very good and I am using a translator x'3

    Pd: I liked your musical piece x3

  25. THIS GAVE ME REALLY GOOD CELESTE VIBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!

  26. Haven't been on the channel for a while – but i just gotta say it – Reaper is NOT free software – yes you can evaluate it without limits, but that doesn't make it free software. Ardour is free software. Also Reaper is great

  27. Use lmms, its cool for who understand about music… 😀

  28. This song reminds me of phantasy star online.

  29. Oh wow.

    He Will use Reaper.

    That means

    …c a m e l l i a

  30. i literally just got a unison midi pack ad

  31. I’m trying to get into making electronic music like this and I was looking for a good program. If it’s good enough for shady, good enough for me!

  32. 4:35 kinda sounded like the bass line to billie jean except for the last note

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