Manuel and the Music of the Mountains - Games that lovers play -

Manuel and the Music of the Mountains – Games that lovers play

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The name that definitely could not be left out in our ‘december gift package of most popular orchestras’ here on the channel is that of “Manuel and the Music of the Mountains” . And as the month of december is the right time for tradition, nostalgia and sweet memories, we thought that James Last’s “Games that lovers play” would fit the ‘atmosphere’ just right 🙂 Geoff Love’s version is similar to the superb original by maestro James but obviously “Manuel” remains loyal to his own sound.
And by changing a few notes here or there, Geoff Love actually stresses the sheer beauty of the melody even more. From the 1978 album “The Magic of ..” here is Manuel and his wonderful ‘mountain musicians’ with “Games that lovers play”. Enjoy !


  1. James Last composed this beautiful teasing & provocative romantic ballad "Games That Lovers Play". Manuel Music Of The Mountains(Geoff love) wonderful rythimic arrangement with his fabulous lush strings orchestra makes this music addictive listening . Eddie Fisher made a recording of this song, but his liquid smooth golden voice of his youth suffered deterioration due to the ageing progress & other issues( liz Taylor), when he recorded this song in 1966. Manuel's arrangement of this music is the best recording in my opinion. The video of beautiful girls are a wonderful sight for us normal men. Golden words by Peter E. Farrar. Thank you Socratess 2007, for posting this beautiful music.

  2. beautiful…. there's also a great one by Mantovani….

  3. beautiful and there is another great version by James Last.

  4. In case anyone is unaware James Last wrote this tune – Games That Lovers Play.

  5. A lot of people don't know Manuel and Geoff Love are one in the same. Love done albums under both names.. Still waiting for Love's Christmas Album to come to Cd and Digital.

  6. melodias para los que gustan lo Mejor,,,!!

  7. There's only one game that matters, the game that brings us together, the game that brings us closer than ever before.

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