Medieval RPG Town Music Compilation Vol.1 - Best of Game Fantasy Soundtrack OST + Tracklist -

Medieval RPG Town Music Compilation Vol.1 – Best of Game Fantasy Soundtrack OST + Tracklist

Ultimate Immersion OST
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01. Pillars of Eternity 2 – Queen’s Berth – 0:00
02. Baldur’s Gate – The City Gates – 2:58
03. [TES IV] Oblivion – Alls Well – 4:18
04. Stronghold 2 – Minstrelosity – 6:45
05. Neverwinter Nights – City Docks (Day) – 11:54
06. Knights & Merchants – Spirit – 13:27
07. Octopath Traveler – Cobbleston, Nestled in the Hills – 15:02
08. Stronghold 2 – Draft (O’Carolan’s Draught) – 18:13
09. [TES IV] Oblivion – Watchmans Ease – 21:18
10. Knights & Merchants – Spring – 23:23
11. [TES V] Skyrim – The City Gates – 25:53
12. Neverwinter Nights – The Town Of Lonelywood – 29:41
13. Stronghold 2 – Two Mandolins – 31:51
14. Kingdom Come Deliverance – Beer And Women – 34:00
15. [TES IV] Oblivion – Dusk At The Market – 36:15
16. Knights & Merchants – In The Marketplace – 38:24
17. [TES IV] Oblivion – Harvest Dawn – 41:32
18. Stronghold 2 – Harpy 2 – 44:26
19. [TES V] Skyrim – The Streets of Whiterun – 46:00
20. Knights & Merchants – In The Castle – 50:07
21. Stronghold 2 – Castle Jam – 53:05
22. Knights & Merchants – At Court – 57:25
23. [TES IV] Oblivion – Sunrise of Flutes – 1:00:45
24. Stronghold 2 – Harpy 3 – 1:03:39
25. Knights & Merchants – The Queen – 1:05:14
26. Stronghold 2 – Harpy 1 – 1:07:52
27. [TES IV] Oblivion – Minstrels Lament – 1:11:12
28. [TES V] Skyrim – Imperial Throne – 1:15:56


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  1. This is a great video and helped me set the mood for the book I'm writing, but please please PLEASE give credit to the artists of the pictures you used! They may not be the focus of the video, but I can guarantee those pictures took hours, if not days, to complete and artists deserve support and credit for their work!

  2. Knights and Merchants <3 this was the real epic shit back then <3

  3. Excuse me good sir, do you have a folder where u store all of that stunningly wonderful medieval/fantasy artworks?

  4. I wish I had done/played more in Oblivion when I had it – Anvil was a beautifully designed and rendered sea-side town. The place of dreams. And gosh there was just SO much to do in Oblivion. I could only imagine what it would be like if Oblivion had Skyrim's graphics. Wow.

  5. Holycrap I didn't expect a Knights and Merchants song! Awesome playlist!

  6. So… I don't see it anywhere. Who made these wonderful paintings?

  7. aaaaah knights and merchants. strongold. so many good old games.

  8. Oblivion OST – Alls Well gave me full body chills. nostalgic soundtrack

  9. Can anyone please recommend me some game that are similar to these kind? I mean like Skyrim

  10. I'm thinking of making Vol.2 since this became so popular. Please give me some recommendations and thank you so much for listening guys!

    As for the artwork I picked up the images on Google, I'm sorry. If you know any of the artwork artists I'll gladly pin the time stamps of this wonderful work.

  11. I'm doing map to RPG and with this music i can make great map, thanks!

  12. Aye anyone else down to go on a jolly quest across the realm, yo?

  13. I'm listening to these songs while creating my character in D&D.

  14. I have never played any of these games but I play these videos when I read historical fiction nearly every night. Such good music. Hats off to the producers. It also makes me wish I was into gaming.

  15. Great compilation! Hope you'll mix part 2. It really helps my work productivity.

  16. i'm writing a book and this music is perfect, thank you

  17. Queen's Berth is nice, but that horn (French horn?) interrupts the entire feel of the song. Not always, but it's blaring at the beginning.

  18. Bellissimo! Buona giornata a voi tutti! 🤗🤗🤗🌹🤗🌹🤗🌹🤗🌹

  19. Good Day Traveler, mind if you can slay some goblins for me in a nearby cave?

  20. We're all talking about the emperor's murder. We have no emperor. And no heir. That's never happened before. I suppose we should all be worried.

  21. 25:54 I can't help but smile and shed a tear at the same time at the scenery.
    Nothing smells like home.

  22. if I die i hope I can do things over in a world like a mmo solo adventuring

  23. King's Bounty – The Legend would have been a nice addition.

  24. listenin while playing stardew valley is just 😌😌😌

  25. fruity music
    makes my emotions fruity.
    juicy music
    makes my emotions juicy.
    fruity – juicy music,
    i love to hear you.
    how many fruits has cut
    by dear composer you.
    he put into my ear,
    the whole juice,
    now my soul
    is swimming in juice.
    i become water fairy.
    lovely – sweet feeling
    is spreading inside my heart,
    thanks oh deary.

  26. All the nostalgia feels when that stronghold music drops.

  27. Love to listen to such soundtracks while reading my FIghting Fantasy books! Thanks 😀

  28. 26:09:
    This one sounds a little sad to me, like the ending song of the Way Out coop game.

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