Most Dramatic Music: "Orion's Game" by J.T. Peterson -

Most Dramatic Music: “Orion’s Game” by J.T. Peterson

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Music by: J.T. Peterson [Sky Productions]
Album: Petrichor (2019)

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By: Even

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“Where words fail, music speaks.”
– Hans Christian Andersen

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  1. "I'm waiting for your last goodbye. 'Cause I'm not over it, not over it. I'm waiting for your last goodbye. The kiss of time. Like thunder screaming out for a flash of lightning. Stars are falling down for God's applause. I'm waiting for the light of your supernova. Your last goodbye" -Sharon den Adel

  2. It Shall Be On Earth As It Is In The Heavens.

  3. the irony is everyone here is trying to be a philosopher yet no one is trying to be a realist

  4. Sad girl 💔💔don’t know herself she just finds herself when she listen to HDsoundi 💕

  5. It seems that the world is full of selfish desires and we forgot about how to be human ,and it seems there isn’t any humanity left and the natural fleshly desire to build destruction will go on to we suffer the consequences or realize that the power of creation can be used to build love and not hatred and instead build a better world but the only way is to face the consequences or build are self spiritual and mindfully but it starts with yourself so I ask you to join me on a quest to restore humanity through ourselves together .

  6. 2:40 “Can you hear me now”

    This probably means nothing to people so just ignore it I just wanted to remind myself of this for drawing

  7. That little girl lives in an apocalyptic world, that's sad because there's no Wi-Fi.

  8. 웅장하고 긴장감 넘치는음악 잘 듣고 갈게요 사랑해요🎁🎁🎧💝🎶💖💝👍💋💞💗👑👍👑🔥👑🔥💓🔥💓👍👑🔥✨💞✨💘👑💞🤗💞🤗👍💓💞💓💓💞💖💝🎧🎶🎧🎶
    건물이 무너져 가는 도시 일러스트 잘 보고 갑니다 사랑해요 🎁🎧💝🎶🎶💖💝💞💋💞👑💓👍💓💞💕👍🎵🔥💋💞✨🔥💗😎💗💖💗💖💝🎶💖💘💖✨🔥👑👍💓🔥💓

  9. Opening reminds me of Pearl Harbor Soundtrack:

  10. The picture reminds me of Fist of the North Star

  11. That background is beautiful, although I wanna know how did that civilian boat end up there…

  12. 💖💖💖👍music about the end I love it/ it's so beautiful

  13. The amount of cringe in this comment section if you see this retreat don’t go further

  14. Yup, this is one of JT Peterson's best. Now Mortifer V. needs to make an extended version.

  15. "it is not what we are born that define us as a person. it is who we choose to be"

  16. "I remember the…immense loneliness I felt."
    "Everything was so…dark."
    "It surprised me…"
    "The time was frozen and I was lost in my own world."
    "So dark…"

  17. This intense yet relaxing, very good music.🎶🎶

  18. Song + picture is very good ! I stay to see picture

  19. "We are told to remember the idea, not the man, because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten, but 400 years later, an idea can still change the world"

  20. Ever thought about everything you know and love could just be gone in a blink of an eye…..

  21. Did anyone notice the boat in the picture?

  22. I literally cried…this is BEAUTIFUL I NEED MORE LIKE THIS💕

  23. i miss clicked on this, but fucking loved it, thank you

  24. "After that all, the T-Dolls with the Remnant civilization army destroyed Sangvis Ferri, they no longer cause new problems to mankind and turning more easy the reconstruction of the World Post War… now we just wait, alike my Mother sayed… is the War, War Never changes…"

  25. This is like a gateway to the worlds in our imagination.

  26. Well, it was 2 years, and i still adore this track.

  27. Let me guest the background is from game girls forntline right?

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