Muse - Survival - London 2012 Olympic Games | Music Monday -

Muse – Survival – London 2012 Olympic Games | Music Monday

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Muse performs the official song of the London 2012 Olympics, Survival, during the Closing Ceremony.

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  1. I worried about resonance on the stage as the choir were stamping on it. It was shaking a lot.

  2. 헐써 9년 되었구나 ㅠ ㅠ 이거 티비로 봤을때 진짜 개미쳤었음

  3. 몇년만에 또 보지만 존나멋있따 진짜


  5. 좀 꾸미고 나오지… 면도라도 하등가

  6. Come to here after Tokyo ceremony… i miss muse

  7. 이게 테마송이었구나 몰랐네 그냥 뮤즈 노래인줄 찰떡으로 어울리고 너무 좋네

  8. 생각나서 또 보러 옴 ㅠ ㅠㅜ 나중에 기타 좌아아앙 하는거 존나 소름

  9. I hope they have Babymetal for Japan Olynpic

  10. Amazing! The choir is fabulous, it gives me chills.

  11. #1 for Barcelona (ft Freddy and Monserrat), #2 for Survival …. and that's it. There is no other better song

  12. 격 떨어지는 일본 올림픽 보고
    격 떨어진 눈 격이 다른 영상보고
    격상 하기위해 다녀갑니다

  13. Tokyo Olympic is best.
    because it makes me sleep well.
    Thanks for cure my insomnia. Thank you JAPAN!!

  14. Imagine being your countries pride and joy rock band and being asked to make and perform an Olympic song. One of my favourite songs of theirs.

  15. The first time I watched this I am as excited as Chris' bass amp.

  16. 와 런던 올림픽 나온 밴드들 다 내 최애 밴드들임 하 사랑해요
    OMG bands which were at the london olympic are all my favourite bands
    I love u UK
    u guys have so amazing bands

  17. 개막식때도 Map of the problematique, Uprising 깔리고 진짜.. 뮤즈의 나라… 락의 나라.. 해가 지지 않는 나라..ㅠㅡㅠ

  18. No puedo creer que ya han pasado nueve años de esto ToT fue simplemente increíble!!

  19. Muse is the perfect rival for Aqours, the LoveLive Sunshine's most famous idol group in the world.

  20. La mejor canción olimpica de la historia 🙌

  21. Los tenores hacían el gesto del dibu en los penales ante Colombia !

  22. This performance shook Mount Olympus and made the Gods tremble.

  23. Forgot that Bellamy chose to look like Richard Hammond

  24. Is it me or is the bass amp looking like it’s going to rock over at any moment?!

  25. 올림픽 폐막할때가 된듯하니 생각나서 들름 뮤즈꺼 한번보고 강형호가 커버한거 한번 보고 왔다갔다 하는중

  26. One of the best live tv performances of all time.

  27. the day when olympic is visitable for everyone

  28. It would be more perfect if matt throw the guitar to dominic

  29. This song was stuck in my head the whole Tokyo Olympics

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