music genre: video game 2 -

music genre: video game 2

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hey guys it’s been almost a year since i posted the first one of these videos and this one is just as bad

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  1. Alternate title: Nintendo's Golden age in a song

  2. Air level you're flying or some shit


  3. This is pretty much "Kao: Mystery of the Volcano," except the race you have to come first in is between the Earth and Air levels, and you only have to fight the boss once!

  4. Maybe I am over thinking, but I cannot comprehend HOW good this video is. But maybe I am not overthinking…lol I appreciate.

  5. These songs will fit into the new Mario golf game on the switch

  6. I think he is dutch because if you click dutch subtitles it just says something completely different

  7. На футболке написано AHУС, хахаах

  8. This is the best video game composer simulator. Pretty freaking hard also with only youtube controls.

  9. Так он русский или кто, я не понял?

  10. "Secret tip: You complete the game by winning" that got me lol

  11. plot twist:Later you find out that this is just the demo version and you have millions more levels to complete.

  12. i swear to god its just the way he looks into the camera.

  13. Fly level : you (flying shit) should fly if you want to be a human.

  14. He did it boys he made the racist desert music and I love it

  15. When the boss in the boss levels name is Greg but your real life boss also shares the same name…😰

  16. "idk it's warm" why did that make me laugh so hard

  17. Is literally no one going to talk about how the final boss basslone is literally the same as 'fight against byrne' from spirit tracks

  18. I can see my character dodging meteor and hurricane while the final boss theme is playing


  20. I wanna play NEW Super Mario Bros again on the 2DS

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