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music genre: video game

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i just made this video by improvising some stuff that sounded like video game music and it’s honestly a terrible video but thank you so much for watching!

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  1. i guss you dont talk bcouse it would be sth like 'cyyyyyka blyaaaaaaaaaat'

  2. the unskippable cutscene part at 0:07 sounds like the spirited away theme

  3. you can feel the inspiration from ocarina of time in this video

  4. What kind of micropigmentation did you get for your head? It's pretty obvious.

  5. This is all oot and Mario and Pokémon at the same time

  6. Menu is Zelda, Unskippable Cutscene is OOT Beginning, Tutorial is Lost Woods, Underwater Is Sm64 Water theme Dire Dire Docks, Racing Minigame is Big Blue, Bossfight is OOT Bossfight.

  7. I can confirm as a gamer


  8. These songs resemble Super Mario 64, mainly the soundtrack of the first cutscene and the soundtrack of the water level.

  9. And I just found out that you can play multiple instruments, sorry Im a very lazy subscriber

  10. Unskippable cutscene sounded like a legend of Zelda vibe to me

  11. why does this oddly resembles ocarina of time

  12. All of this looks like a Zelda Medley from a bootleg copy of Zelda

  13. Just finished Immortals Fenyx Rising a couple days ago. This video is very relatable with all those GODDAMN PUZZLES.

  14. "Long time ago …

    The people lived in harmony, peace and coordination, everything was tranquility thanks to the musical vibrations provided by the 12 sacred notes …

    But …

    One day one of them began to crack: Liquids and thorns began to cover it until it was completely corrupted and the rest mysteriously disappeared; The leaders tried to find a way to fix that mess, without warning the inhabitants of the incident, but the rumor was released anyway. That caused people to lose control, becoming more hysterical and aggressive, the peace had ended and a whole mess began …

    Guy …

    You who found this message

    Do you think you will be able to repair the note and find the rest?

    Could you help the poor desperate towns before the Autumn Eclipse?

    Our hearts want to feel the rhythm in the breeze again …"

  15. The ending credit music make me nostalgic of Tail Concerto

  16. 4 years late but the ‘unskippable tutorial’ sounds suspiciously like kokiri forest…..


  17. Can i get more of that Final Boss music?

  18. You forgot the snow level with nothing but sleigh bells

  19. His eyebrows always make me feel like he is somewhat angry or annoyed by something

  20. "Unskippable Cutscene" felt a lot like one summers day

  21. The puzzle music reminds me of Mourning Palace🙂

  22. Someone should make a game for fun using these

  23. thanks for the million views, my friends! (i am in fact not dead! i am doing something new… and it may or may not be related to zelda music, hehe)

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