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music genre: video game

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i just made this video by improvising some stuff that sounded like video game music and it’s honestly a terrible video but thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Seth definitely has played a link to the pass

  2. The "Unskippable Cutscene" Tune Part Remind Me Of Spirited Away…

  3. I love how even when he puts on those gamer glasses you can still tell he’s staring daggers into your soul

  4. I want a loop of the complicated puzzle music

  5. Facts on that water level, sucks that the music is always so good tho

  6. this should be every jrpg video game ever hahaha

  7. Jesteś Polakiem 😱 gratulacje, masz talent 💘

  8. Why in the unskippable cutscene I hear "can't nobody tell me nothing" and this was before that song release

  9. Me: Peacefully watching his video
    His hoodie: Анус

  10. when the evil boss writes down his plan on the grocery list he made

  11. It's official, people. This man is A New Mutant.

  12. Почему у него на кофте пишет Ан*с

  13. Omg…i watched so much zelda speed runs today and saw this when i turned it off lol

  14. Да, верно, давайте делать вид что никто не заметил на кофте надпись АНУС 1921 : D

  15. he: unskipable scene
    me: hits right arrow

  16. Okay, it's been a long time but still.

    Do you all remember Deltarune ? good, now put Jevil as the Complicated Puzzle, and the King as the final boss.

    Same energy.

  17. That evil boss appears one had my gut busting! It got better and better as you read it all too. how have I never watched this channel it's GOLD!

  18. When i get bored .. i watch all your previous video .. dude u r amazing.. please make more videos and long one for you playing or talking or do any $hit.. I freaking love you and love your content so much .. i liked all your videos btw 🤍

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