Music Mechanics In Games -

Music Mechanics In Games

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these things are my jam.

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…if you’re curious about what funkraft is:

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  1. How do you do all these visual affects. All the the clip coming out of a components of other clips?!

  2. "Maybe not a mask, that's a bad idea"
    I feel very offended.

  3. It feels illegal that he didn't mention rayman

  4. Just got reminded about Little big planet. Damn it was fun making music in that

  5. at 4:24 my explorer.exe crashed when the song started playing lmao

  6. Majora’s mask introduced me to the ocarina mechanics. I got stuck at water temple 🙁

  7. "i dont mean rhythm games btw" shows bootleg osu

  8. jesus this editing
    its so perfectly chaotic
    i love it

  9. you shld play Sea of Thieves for a little bit (until you get bored of doing the same thing 20 times) with a squad and while you're sailing just harmonize on all the instruments

  10. The noteblocks were playing
    no suprises – radiohead: 3:15
    rattlesnake – King gizzard and the lizard wizard: 3:49

    you're welcome 🙂

  11. 0:39 – after two years of rewatching this video, only now I understood that this is supposed to be FUCKING MEGALOVANIA

  12. Hey Funke, at 3:33 is the song you're playing on the noteblocks Another Light by Red Vox?

  13. 3:33 Holy SHIT I just realized this is Another Light! Was literally thrilled when I heard it!

  14. Doom. The game about killing demons with killer soundtrack

  15. 3:33 I know I'm like three years late on this one but I swear to god that melody is from Another Light by Red Vox, I hope that's not a coincidence because holy shit I love that band so much.

  16. Why does this video style make me think of Sequelitis

  17. So you said you left making videos for TF2 coz Valve dosnt care about updating it and you moved on to other games. Im saying Good Valve dosnt care coz all your vids are just great !!!

  18. Payday definitely has the best music mechanics, the song changes pace and type based on whats happening in the game

  19. In mother 3 you can combo hit if you press a to the battle beats

  20. If you got nothing to do, you can check out the music editor in apb reloaded. It's really cool how people made music there and sold it on the in-game market.

  21. I love wandersong
    but underhero also has a cool music mechanic with the groovy system
    where if you attack on the beat of the music it does more damage

  22. Remember the gen 1 pokemon akerina? that was cancer.

  23. And then there's warframe, where one half of octavia players uses the mechanically optimal song, regardless if it sounds good, and the other half copied carameldansen from that one guy who made tutorials for like 2000 different songs

  24. Antarctigo Vespucci, nice. Love Rosenstock's stuff.

  25. FFXIV lets you play a huge number of instruments when you level a Bard to 30. People will sometimes hold entire concerts in the major cities that you can just sit and listen to while they play.

  26. 5:02 Had me laughing to death in the inside, but frozen on the outside.

  27. the shawzin and octavia from warframe are good examples as well

  28. in mother 3 in fights if you press a to the beat of the song you can land combos and deal extra damage with a normal attack

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