Music Mechanics In Games -

Music Mechanics In Games

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these things are my jam.

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…if you’re curious about what funkraft is:

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  1. in mother 3 in fights if you press a to the beat of the song you can land combos and deal extra damage with a normal attack

  2. the shawzin and octavia from warframe are good examples as well

  3. 5:02 Had me laughing to death in the inside, but frozen on the outside.

  4. FFXIV lets you play a huge number of instruments when you level a Bard to 30. People will sometimes hold entire concerts in the major cities that you can just sit and listen to while they play.

  5. Antarctigo Vespucci, nice. Love Rosenstock's stuff.

  6. And then there's warframe, where one half of octavia players uses the mechanically optimal song, regardless if it sounds good, and the other half copied carameldansen from that one guy who made tutorials for like 2000 different songs

  7. Remember the gen 1 pokemon akerina? that was cancer.

  8. I love wandersong
    but underhero also has a cool music mechanic with the groovy system
    where if you attack on the beat of the music it does more damage

  9. If you got nothing to do, you can check out the music editor in apb reloaded. It's really cool how people made music there and sold it on the in-game market.

  10. In mother 3 you can combo hit if you press a to the battle beats

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