Music Mix 2023 ๐ŸŽง EDM Remixes of Popular Songs ๐ŸŽง Gaming Music | Bass Boosted -

Music Mix 2023 ๐ŸŽง EDM Remixes of Popular Songs ๐ŸŽง Gaming Music | Bass Boosted

Magic Music Mix
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Music Mix 2023 ๐ŸŽง EDM Remixes of Popular Songs ๐ŸŽง Gaming Music | Bass Boosted
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00:00 Badscandal, Nito-Onna – Unholy
02:24 B Martin, Capri, PACANI – Iโ€™m Blue
04:51 Nito-Onna, Harddope, PACANI – Bloody Mary
06:56 Reaktive ft. HALUNA – California Dreamin’
09:11 Skan – See You Again
11:19 EQRIC & PHARAร˜H & Whoopa – New Rules
13:27 Harddope, Leddo, MelonColly – Demons
15:57 Twin, Ben Plum – I Took A Pill In Ibiza
18:46 EQRIC, PHARAร˜H, FJร˜RA – Dark Horse
20:49 Oliver Cricket x Nito-Onna x Jimmy Rivler – You
23:09 Dream Chaos, Ben Plum – Where Are You Now
25:24 The FifthGuys, Shiah Maisel – Believer
27:46 Harddope, LexMorris, Nito-Onna – New Divide
30:24 Nito-Onna, Dame Dame – Forever Young
32:59 New Beat Order, NEMESIS & Rachel Morgan Perry – The Nights
35:20 Nito-Onna, Yohan Gerber, HORT3N – Natural
37:44 Harddope, Leddo, MelonColly – Demons
40:14 R3YAN, CZYDMN, Alaina Cross – River
42:31 Alban Chela & Veronica Bravo – The Motto
44:43 Merdy & Swizzy Max – Whistle
46:51 Cour, PACANI, Veronica Bravo – Cheap Thrills
49:14 Goodscandal – Thunder
51:22 Besomage, Lookin, PACANI – I Ain’t Worried
53:55 Besomage, LEDDO, Veronica Bravo – Chandelier
56:13 EQRIC, PHARAร˜H, Britt ft. Kris Norton – Stereo Hearts
58:24 ISAEV & PACANI & Jessica Chertock – Lily

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  5. This song is good and i can hear a gun loading in it

  6. One of these songs will defo be in the new years event when it hits 2024! If ur a londoner u get me!

  7. Why did they start it with the worst song on the planet?

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  10. and I like the music is cooler than I thought

  11. POV:if you are a boy and you like to make cool music and if you are a girl and you like to make cute music

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