Musical Game - Rumble Ball, by Kalani -

Musical Game – Rumble Ball, by Kalani

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This Musical Game, Rumble Ball, is a simple game by Kalani Das that incorporates a playground ball and a circle of musicians, usually playing a variety of drums and percussion instruments. Rumble Ball was first introduced in the early 2000’s by Kalani as part of a set of games later published in the best-selling book, Together in Rhythm and later in DRUM FUN! – Musical Games for Groups (DVD and iBook). You can find more about Rumble Ball, including full instructions for presenting the game, additional options, Modifications, and Extras, on the WDC Patreon site (listed below). Enjoy and share Rumble Ball with your colleagues in Music Education, Music Therapy, and Recreational Music Making.

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Kalani is a Professional Percussionist, Orff-Schulwerk Certified Music Educator and Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). He presents classes and workshops all over the world for people of all ages.

Books by Kalani:
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All About Hand Percussion:
West African Drum & Dance:
Together in Rhythm:
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  1. This is great. I teach Capoeira and we use predominantly use percussive instruments with choral singing. I'm going to adapt this game for our context. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What other games with the ball do you have with drums?

  3. Great for PreK and up students.

  4. Awesome!!!! That activity opens the door for a wide range of subjectivity and interpretation, as well as opportunities for exploring various timbres and effects, with these only being the beginning.

  5. Dear Kalani, thank you for this fun and interesting activity. May I ask you what is the mic/speaker setup you were using during the group activity? I'm looking for the right setup to use in class in order not to strain my voice and be as effective as possible while speaking.Thank you!J

  6. Seema Poddar - Derry West Village PS (1581) says:

    Love this! Am looking forward to trying it out this year and will try to circle back with another comment to let you know how it goes! 🤩

  7. What is your page called on Patreon? Would it benefit To join? I’m always looking for drumming games for teenagers and Adults for mental health.

  8. great, inspire me , I am percussion teacher…Thanks bunch

  9. Awesome! I'm going to use this in my music workshop with primary school kids from today on- in swedish I'll call it "Runda dirigenten", "The Round Director" 🙂

  10. Using this for summer school right now. Much appreciated!

  11. What is the youngest group that can do this activity? I "play" music with Kinder through 2nd. Also, what instruments did you use for the rolling of the ball?

  12. Hi, I’m a music tutor looking for ideas for older students. This is a fabulous activity. Thank you😊

  13. Hope your doing great as well…such an inspiration 😁😁

  14. That is completely amazing! You're really talented, Kalani

  15. Going to try this with my first graders today!

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