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Musical Games for Groups

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World Drum Club will be hosting videos that demonstrate musical games for groups or drumming games. These group drumming and movement games are perfect for music classrooms, corporate teambuilding activities, Camp activities, and any situation where the goal is about creating teamwork, cooperation, socializing, peer support, and having fun in a musical way without the need for musical skills. These games are part of the “Drum Fun! – Musical Games for Groups” 2-DVD set (See links below), published by Kalani.

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Kalani’s website:
Mindfulness Teachings:

Kalani is a Professional Percussionist, Orff-Schulwerk Certified Music Educator and Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). He presents classes and workshops all over the world for people of all ages.

Books by Kalani:
All About Congas:
All About Bongos:
All About Jembe:
All About Hand Percussion:
West African Drum & Dance:
Together in Rhythm:
The Amazing Jamnasium:
Recorders in Rhythm:
Kalani’s World Rhythms:
The Way of Music:

Videos by Kalani
Drum Fun – Musical Games for Groups:
Play Ukulele:
Play Cajon:
Play Congas:
The Drum Circle – A Musical Approach:
Hula for Life:


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  3. Hi I am trying to buy this DVD but Amazon are telling me that it is unavailable?.. Could you tell me how I can get a copy? Thanks, 🙂

  4. Hi, I'm from Ukraine, can I buy this book in electronic format? Dvd disc is not very practical, I do not have a drive in my computer

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