Name That Tune Music Trivia Game Show! | Quiz #5 -

Name That Tune Music Trivia Game Show! | Quiz #5

Madmartigan’s Music Trivia
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Play Name That Tune with my brand new Music Trivia Game Show!
With 20 different categories and a randomized bonus score multiplier
this new format features plenty of fun whether playing solo or with friends and family.

Categories include:
Guess the song title (1950s – 2010s)
Name the artist
Guess the year the song was released
Double Treble (Guess two songs by the same artist)
Guess the song by its intro
And much more!

If you enjoy my Name This Tune Game Show please share it with your friends and family. If you love music trivia don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. The channel features more than 200 music trivia videos to date with more being added every week.


  1. Only 450 even with the 60 points gifted in Q19. So many songs and a fair few artists I'd never heard of.

  2. 2010s stopped me again, had a few slips after that. 1290 it is.

  3. 1290 too! Had a tough time with a few of them, not my best showing.. but still lots of fun!!!

  4. I didn't keep score, but this was HARD! I love the Smiths song.

  5. Worse showing for me yet. Only 940. Missed the multipliers and blanked on the name of the AC/DC album that had Thunderstruck tho I knew the band and song I had no idea that one song was by Kiss nor have I ever even heard it.

  6. 800 points!! Fun game, be back again tomorrow!!

  7. Damn! That was hard! I got a dismal 270…

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