New Music Mix 2021 🎧 Remixes of Popular Songs 🎧 EDM Gaming Music - Bass Boosted - Car Music -

New Music Mix 2021 🎧 Remixes of Popular Songs 🎧 EDM Gaming Music – Bass Boosted – Car Music

Magic Music
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New Music Mix 2021 Remixes of Popular Songs EDM Gaming Music – Bass Boosted – Car Music
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✔️ Tracklist:
0:00 Besomorph,N3WPORT,Lunis Zombie (Zombic & Felix Schorn Remix)
2:29 Besomage,Lunis,BRAN – California Dreaming
4:30 Dame Dame, Lunis – Beggin
6:55 EQRIC, Narvent, Timmy Commerford – Let Me Love You
9:13 Coopex & Yohan Gerber – Radioactive (ft. LUNIS)
11:46 Besomorph & Anthony Keyrouz – Apologize (ft. Lunis)
14:05 Besomorph & Anthony Keyrouz – Death Bed (ft. Lunis)
16:20 Coopex,BRAN,Lunis – Faded
18:46 Besomage,Lunis,BRAN – Toxic
21:16 Marin Hoxha x Mike Watson – Levels
24:50 EQRIC & Bottle Flip – Love You Like A Love Song
27:48 Coopex & New Beat Order – Heroes (ft. LUNIS)
30:17 Alban Chela & Britt Lari – Paradise
32:50 Sunlike Brothers,LANNÉ,Courtney Drummey – I Kissed A Girl
35:46 Lexio,RAIDH,Lunis – Call Me Maybe
38:12 BIMONTE & CRIZBI – Whenever, wherever
40:40 Kilian K,Lunis – Havana

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  1. this claims non copyright is this true cause what im hearing isnt

  2. This is my first time listening playlist that match with my interest.
    Rlly nice song^^

  3. do you have the playlist on spotify nice vid by the way

  4. you cant know why this comment got this much likes

  5. Hi guys! Check out my remixes on my channel 🙂

  6. Ummm….I'ma be Frank it sounds like you made it on a google play store app like why do they all sound like beats from other songs you've put over a cover this isnt edm

  7. I can't stop listening to this, it gives me motivation

  8. If y’all don’t know how’s the gril in the background is miku

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  10. wow good job
    ;-; yes good job ! ( < < )
    wow wow wow

  11. The person who is reading this comment, i wish you great success, health, love and happiness!!!

  12. I love your music so much it helps me go to bed 🛏️

  13. Halo ka ini luar biasa sekali lagunya salam jempol dari KDSLOTS777

  14. i just hear this and jesus open a wide open door for me

  15. Gosto muito de ouvir essas músicas maravilhosas na ACADEMIA 😍😍

  16. podem dizer q poluiçao sonora é ruim,mas se for musica é bom dms cara

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