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Orcs Must Die! 2 Music – Mine Games

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Soundtrack available here (requires purchase of the game itself):

One of the battle themes.

Composed by Chris Rickwood of Robot Entertainment.

Picture is the album cover vectorized as it came with the digital soundtrack at a ridiculous size of 200×200 pixels.

No copyright infringement is intended. All credit is given to the original songs’ respective creators and distributors.


  1. Hah…Mine games..Even outside the game itself it's parts still glows with it's own humor

  2. Loved the first time i heard it in the level Chasm,it was so good,and still is.

  3. Feels like it lacks something in the beginning.

  4. 1:33 Makes me think of a creepy carnival, like you're watching the entrance of a clown boss or something.

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