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Orcs Must Die! 2 Music – Mine Games

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Soundtrack available here (requires purchase of the game itself):

One of the battle themes.

Composed by Chris Rickwood of Robot Entertainment.

Picture is the album cover vectorized as it came with the digital soundtrack at a ridiculous size of 200×200 pixels.

No copyright infringement is intended. All credit is given to the original songs’ respective creators and distributors.


  1. Loved the first time i heard it in the level Chasm,it was so good,and still is.

  2. Feels like it lacks something in the beginning.

  3. 1:33 Makes me think of a creepy carnival, like you're watching the entrance of a clown boss or something.

  4. Hah…Mine games..
    Even outside the game itself it's parts still glows with it's own humor

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