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osu! expectations vs. reality

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  1. Im an anime lovers who's play osu with my low end chormebook and this is real

  2. Заметили в начале тик ток,?

  3. This is accurate to me in 2:00 am trying to beat a level

  4. If anyone automatically assumes i watch anime because i play osu im gonna kms

  5. А говорят что играя на мышке ты ничего не добьешься

  6. First half is at least true when u first start😂😂

  7. What people think osu is: Clicking circles.

    What osu actually is: Clicking circles.

  8. Im a to big Skill issue for osu 🤣 either im to slow or im to fast 😅

  9. I tried playing and the thing I don't understand is how you know in which order to click on stuff (especially jumps) if they appear too quickly&in random numerous places almost at the same time

  10. No, OSU is stress and anxiety when you're about to get that sweet perfect

  11. Meanwhile osu! mania:

    "Have you ever fealt true pain before, boy?"

  12. If it's just numbers one through four it's much better, but if it's numbers one through ten 💀

  13. we know people are serious only when they play all black

  14. Nah bro everyone knows osu its not like the 1st one

  15. People think osu is simple,
    It is simple.

    To make you go insane.

  16. Me: man I can do that
    My hands: H-H-HELL NAW

  17. Osu is to hard on mobile but not on pc

  18. As someone who has 20 minutes on OSU i approve

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