Palisades - Mind Games feat. Champs (Official Music Video) -

Palisades – Mind Games feat. Champs (Official Music Video)

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There was a time I would’ve given my life
For another day with your touch
Never quite added up
The way you made such a fuss
About nothing at all

I thought you were crazy in love
But you were just crazy oh oh
I was pushed to the edge
cleaning somebody’s mess
Well never again will I let you
Fuck with my head

From the girls to the government
Your boy Champs see the world on some other shit
Scotty gotta beam me up to the mother ship
I’m runnin’ undercover but I’m one of them runnin’ it

And I’m wonderin’ if this is not just another fake slumber from which I will arise
I am a problem, a threat and a virus in the eyes of your government, eyes of your god

You could say what you really want
You could say but you really won’t know
You could say what you really want
But you really won’t
Cuz you really don’t know

You had me going
Without a warning
You turned into someone else
Maybe I was blind
Couldn’t see all the signs
But now I see so damn clear


  1. What is the song they play at the end?

  2. трек охуенен
    ток чет просмотров маловато

  3. Yo just saw Palisades in Fargo North Dakota! I'm so ready for the new album guys! LOVE your work always!

  4. Came here after listening to Erase the pain

  5. Would of been so much better without a featured artist……

  6. Hate all you guys and gals want, betya these guys arent workin 9 to 5's like all you haters on the computer are lol

  7. In 2014 ahead of the generation this song has too much hate and now on 2019 all songs in charts have this vibe.

  8. Saw these guys 4 years back in Philly. Fucking dope band. Nicest dudes too

  9. Обожаю этот трек (а больше что-то ничего не заходит у ребят)

  10. Riserecord: So is palisades Metal, Rock, Instrumental or Rap
    Palisades: Can we be all of the above?
    Riserecord: I dont think that will work
    Palisades: Hold My Beer

  11. 5 years and this video has not reached to 1 fucking million 😂…Sad that rock is depleting.

  12. Album is still great, happy and hard. Good memories 😣

  13. Okay but like … Is that janice griffith or nah??

  14. great underrated song by a great underrated band.

  15. Still jamming this banger, anyone able to track down more from Champs?

  16. They would've been better off w/out this Champs dude!

  17. Metalcore with a dance beat. I love it!

  18. It’s a shame that palisades started to stray away from unique bangers like this one, but at this point I just want the band to come back at all

  19. Honestly, I'm here cuz I searched for Janice Griffith, but found that your music is freakin awesome. An amazing combination of beauty, thrill and happiness in this video ❤ 🎶.
    Greetings from Atlanta, GA 🇺🇸.

  20. Underrated af. I wish there was more. Love the music video too

  21. Hey, so uh, literally who is Champs? I can't find literally anything about him. Even RYM doesn't link to anything.

  22. Dammn 7 yrs ago, I thought wtf is this shit. Now I am actually into it..

  23. What a fucking great song, being 2023 and I keep listening to it at full volume. Very good topic, greetings from Argentina

  24. 8 yrs later and im learning japanese so now i can actually appritiate how they spelled thier name in katakana and i can read it lol

  25. I just want to know who are the hot chicks are

  26. I see so many comments defending them from means comments but I don't actually see any mean comments. Lol Anyways this shit was great then and it's still great now. These guys are awesome people too.

  27. This is a fun song to listen in the gym, (the whole album does except some 2 songs) the momentum is lunatic stupid messy, and just rainbow chaotic, lovin it!

  28. It's 2023 and I miss this kind of music. So I still keep Palisades on my list 😌🎶 its like when you want to headbang but dance in some beat drops at the same time 🔥

  29. The nostalgia with this rip palisades

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