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Pass The Beat

Joel Copeland
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In this excerpt, students play the game, Pass the beat around the room. Standing in a circle, each student must say one beat from the phrase, pass-the-beat a-round the room. If they happen to be the rest at the end of the phrase, they are to touch their shoulders on the beat. Students who are out sit down, but still count for a beat with the remaining students saying the missing words in their head. Once students become comfortable, the word beat is replaced with a stamp.

Australian Curriculum
10.1 – Use aural skills to respond to and analyse musical features and to shape and refine performances and compositions


  1. Wow I thought my teacher made this game up…but it's real 😂

  2. 😂😂😂 this give me a head ache 😂😂

  3. It actually goes
    “Pass the beat around the room, if u don’t you’ll meet your doom.”

  4. 1:04 why is no one talking about the fact that she rolled up AIR

  5. im confused but in the first time i got it now i dont get it

  6. Hello! And welcome to "why is this on my recommendation? Ep 450"

  7. Lol why did this show up in ‘my for you’ page

  8. I did this in my music class it was lit
    Some boy in my class kept moaning

  9. They are wearing the midwife uniforms from “call the midwife” on nexglix

  10. Why doesn’t the US incorporate aural skills into their curriculum?

  11. That is one rich school! All apple products!

  12. I won all of the rounds of this in high school and everyone was shocked 😂 and some kid said pass the beef around the room

  13. Why they do rock papers scissors like that but over all that was really cool I’ve never seen or heard of that game before

  14. I love this game we sometimes play it in music class 🙂

  15. Fuck i hated this game gave me way to much

  16. I taught general music my first 3 years to some hard-to-manage kiddos. After coming across this video, I knew this would be the golden ticket to not only improving their rhythm skills, but providing them a fun reward activity. They LOVED it. As a band teacher now, this is one of the activities I miss most. Thank you for introducing this to me & to many.

  17. I am not understanding the elimination of words as you go around?

  18. Great Teacher, great students! Thx for the inspiration.

  19. That's a good game I got that on the word game puzzle didn't know what the word meant and now that I I see what it does education little scrubby Sparkle view s'mores anybody else

  20. Hello, this is MuNMo Orff lab in Korea. We found this excerpt very helpful in explaining one of the subject- 'beat' in our Orff licence course, may I use this video as an example?

  21. Hi this is Korean orff music laboratory. We'd like to use this video as an example in explaining the subject-'beat'. If it's ok, we'll cite the source. Please let us know, thanks 🙂

  22. So they have to carry the beat for the people who are "out" also?.. Yeh, that might screw with your timing and rhythm. Lol

  23. Excelente juego, gracias por compartir 🎷🎹🎻🎺

  24. is a kid out if they don't touch their shoulders? what Makes a kid be out? looks fun. thank you

  25. Those are the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen. Those poor girls.

  26. The first time I played this was in my class room, it was fun 🙂

  27. What do you do if you have a multiple of 8 kids? that way they each kid will always say the same word.Do you just get one not to play or something?

  28. Fantastic game with the "hit" sounds. The uniforms are fantastic, thank you.

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