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PCFS x SQUID GAME! (“ATM Dreams” Music Video) UNCENSORED VERSION #squidgame #오징어게임 #イカゲーム

Emezie Okorafor
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#squidgame #오징어게임 #イカゲーム ASK #PCFS 18
Finally, an official music video for ATM Dreams! The theme is Squid Game, which matches the song’s money themes. Mina Kim plays the role of the Red Light / Green Light Squid Game Doll, while Ninja Girl Mai, Ayane, Mouse, and the others play the role of the players.

“ATM Dreams” by Emezie
Lounging around…trying to sleep
Horrible dreams…making me hungry
So, I did what I do when I don’t have the dough
I hopped in the UV, combed out the fro

Sugar Ray, all-day, car radio
Sunny day, my way, highway, I was ready to go
Pulled up to the ATM, started to daydream
about all the green in the money machine

If I had all the green, well, I’d buy me a voice
y’know, like Freddie from Queen, if I had my choice
Or maybe like Mariah, Michael, Marvin, Mraz
Or maybe like Shakira…Emie sing like a spaz

I’m on tonight,
you know my hips don’t lie, and neither do I
The world I love is dying, and it’s making me cry, so
With my voice, I’m makin’ noise, and telling you my own

If I had all the money in my
All our days would be sunny

I wish I had all the money in the ATMachine
‘Cause, as I look around, I think I’d like to change a few things
Like the violence and wars, all the settles to score
If I bought us all some gummy bears, we’d have no more war

If I had a million dollars, then I’d buy us a clue
Live less like the Sopranos…more like Scooby-Doo
The homeless guy that’s down the street, I’d give him some loot,
Maybe a couple of bucks…and a mansion to boot

I’d buy the women the confidence to chase the dreams that they set and
buy the men the confidence they need to cheer and respect them
HIV and cancer, diabetes disease
I’d buy the world the cures and have enough left over for Chinese food

If I had all the money in my
All our days would be sunny
If I had all the money in my
Dreams sweet as honey

But, when all’s said and done, I don’t have the green.
I don’t have all the dollar in the ATMachine
And, all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye all my noble dreams died…
until I realized

The only thing keeping me from saving the world
was this automated oyster, panacea pearl
So, for the sake of world peace, I had to unleash the beast
I kicked the **** screen in, like my name was Batista

money poured out, dollars would fall
I didn’t have a single doubt that I could save us all
And, though, the police and the jury disagreed, so it seems
Can take away my freedom, they can’t take away our dreams

If I had all the money in my
All our days would be sunny
If I had all the money in my
Dreams sweet as honey

Love is living, don’t resist it
Love is living, don’t resist it
Love is living, don’t resist it
Love is living, don’t resist it

Hey everybody
Come gather around
And listen to the makings
of a story profound

are not what they seem
I though that the end
Justified the means

Dreams sweet as the honey that I love

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  1. Eliseo odeca maicao Qué es un poco que te puede lastimar ahí viviendo con chocolate tenemos familia Camila

  2. Juegos de amarte mata muñecas de muñecos Caribe para niños países para el interés por alimentos😱😱😱😭😭😣😣

  3. Did they seriously age-gate animated boob wobble…? Seriously. The gall of them considering the 'ads' they play on these videos…

  4. I know that was a Jurassic park reference, but that strangely made me want to see Ninja Girl Mei (did I get the name right) dressed as a Yoshi.

  5. Bruh the way she was crawling on Mina like an insect loll

  6. I didn’t know that the guy was a girl bruuh

  7. This is all kinds of hilarious, thank you, sir

  8. Poor doll at 0 : 36 I wish I can give her a hug 🤗 she fleet embarrassed 😞 not nice I feel bad

  9. Kim Mina looks like kinda Lisa(Blackpink) when she weared also that costume 😭

  10. 3:56 I came here to drop some money, dropping all my money
    Drop some money, all this bread so yummy, yeah
    Twerking, twerking when I buy the things I like
    Dollar, dollars dropping on my ass tonight >.<

  11. This had me in tears. I'm glad this series is still going strong, merry christmas as well

  12. N XS G’s n u f j Ty’s i the i Ed

  13. It's okay, Emezie. We understand the Jurassic Park reference. 🦖

  14. ayane getting shot from her adorable bosom moving(legit felt bad for her losing.),everyone glaring at death(wish we saw more of morrigan in the game and surprised mouse/the punks weren't in it more.) and mina doll(forgot that doll was huge in the show.) bluntly getting bit in the butt by mai being angry at her playfully going "naw" to getting her(especially mina's silent scream going with the music and mai crawling like a spiteful fly.) were my favorite parts.

  15. Mai, just don’t turn around 😂😂

  16. Your animations are good, you do them very well, the only thing I don't like is that in almost all your videos you put that of the bubys and the buttocks too detailed, your videos also become

  17. Cliché and a little toxic, your miniatures are more so 🤢 well that's in my opinion

  18. Ayanes sister can’t even walk with the melons while ayane can😭

  19. You make really good videos i have been watching you for years now i know you have a lot of subscribers but i think you need more cause your a awesome YouTuber in the world i don,t remember when i watch you cause i was born in 2011 but when i first watched you i thought you were awesome!

  20. Neg-li-gi-ble.

    You paid for that one didn't you, Mina? The circle of jabs between those two continues.

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