Playing Guitar on Black Ops 2 Ep. 32 - Songs from Video Games -

Playing Guitar on Black Ops 2 Ep. 32 – Songs from Video Games

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  1. Why is he spamming ur name like 50 times and making gun sounds and ladders bro what the fuck XD 3:05

  2. Damb bro I love me some black paint by rolling stones

  3. any song sounds good if the doo is playing it

  4. I'd like to makea suggestion. You should one time, if you make a video again where you play game songs, try to play The Moon from NES Ducktales with your otamatone. It has the same sound and would be neet, plus adding a little looped guitar

  5. The seether cover of careless whispers is so nice

  6. Anyone else watch his vids for the music but also the cod nastalga

  7. Things I didn't know I needed but am now going to look for: a metal version of the music from Zelda

  8. The girl in the background chillllll!

  9. black paint ? … I mean … he got the idea but … well …

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