Playing the BEST Video Game Music in Beat Saber -

Playing the BEST Video Game Music in Beat Saber

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A few months ago I made a purchase… that purchase was a VR HEADSET. For our first VR stream, we’ll be playing Beat Saber, but instead of the normal songs, we’re going to be playing fan-made levels from your favorite video game music!

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Music from Harris Heller

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  1. His moves in the Babomb song made me think Hatsune Miku. Haha

  2. Z, your videos bring me so much joy 💜

  3. Lol that last song
    Also congrats on the Fortnite win!

  4. Love the Z twist of no fail mode at the end lmao

  5. him going like DUH DUUUH DUDUDUDUU DUUU 🕺🕺 is so funny 😂

  6. Did anyone only watch him dance and not beat saber. It’s kinda funny tbh

  7. Ah yes. The perfect thing to watch with my cat on my lap once I've come back home after finals

  8. Man said "I earned this break" and my dumb self didn't realize no fail was on

  9. The added humming with the music was my favorite! haha

  10. Out of context, this just looks like Z as a lazy cheerleader 🤣

  11. Only looking at Z while he plays is the funniest thing I’ve seen in so long 🤣🤣

  12. Superb job on Beat Saber! Surprised you didn't take on Meglovania (Zyger version)! The classic final battle music from Undertale (Genocide run) 😀

  13. First time I was in the stream! Loved every bit of it and how the editor actually cut between the legit and "very honest" runs for dire dire docks lmfao
    Was bummed there wasn't the bit when you used your legs to play Minecraft Sweden

  14. Yooo beat saber is one of my fav games and to see you playing it makes my day

  15. You should try Terraria, that song you played is insane but the other music in Terraria is amazing, never mind the game itself

  16. You don't know how many times I've seen the 'level failed' screen when I play

  17. this is the hardest i've laughed at a video in a while!!! this was a joy to watch

  18. u should play gorrila tag on VR bet game ever

  19. Z is seriously grooving, really cool seeing him get really into it

  20. was not expecting you to be SO cracked at this, i genuinely spent the whole video with my jaw dropped

  21. This guy is explaining how beat saber works and everyone should now how to play beat saber

  22. You have never played Terraria? That is something I need to see you do.

  23. This was such a great video! I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much! That sea shanty remix was FIRE

  24. I was promised minecraft music i feel robbed

  25. This made me laugh harder than I should have! Sing along at home!

  26. After the tragedy of Osu! Z has achieved redemption

  27. It's funny watching Z instead of the Beat Saber, he looks like he's dancing like a white girl.

  28. 10:57 I really want to send just the audio and him dancing back in time to his great great grandparents

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