Each member of the accordion games becomes an important part in the efforts to achieve the set goals. Membership brings benefits and it benefits to the entire international accordion community; therefore, we kindly thank each member for his contribution, support and actions that reflect the respect and responsibility to this music field. A member creates his own presentation profile that he chooses (BASIC, EXTENDED or ULTIMATE) in the international encyclopaedia of accordionists and marks his role. If a member competes in accordion games, he also has the right to receive prizes for high results from both prize funds of the accordion games.

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Basic membership is intended for:

  • Soloists and ensembles
  • Orchestras and groups
  • Chamber casts
  • Accordion lovers
  • Other companies, institutions, individuals …
  • Public and private schools
  • Teachers, mentors
  • Music shops
  • Accordion makers
  • Organisation, association, society …

Basic membership allows:

  • Profile in accordion encyclopedia
  • Editing a profile
  • 6 photos on profile
  • Basic description
  • Promotion +
  • E-mail address
  • Link to your profile on facebook



Membership is for everyone! Anyone who registers becomes a member of the accordion games. A member can be anyone who wants to contribute to the growth and development of this music field. Members of the accordion games shall mark their role in the corresponding profile of the international encyclopaedia of accordionists with the appropriate badge (soloist, ensemble, group, accordion maker, teacher, school, society etc.) or mark their profile with the badge “FAN” meaning a fan.


The International Encyclopaedia of Accordionists is intended for all accordionists soloists, ensembles, orchestras, groups and chamber ensembles, public and private schools, teachers and mentors, accordion makers, music stores, all accordion profit or non-profit organisations, associations, societies, institutions, and all other companies, organisations, individuals or corporations operating in this music field. Each member of the accordion games gets a profile in the international encyclopaedia of accordionists, thus becoming an important member of this international accordion community connecting members and promoting this music field.


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