Public Enemy - He Got Game (Official Music Video) ft. Stephen Stills -

Public Enemy – He Got Game (Official Music Video) ft. Stephen Stills

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Official Music Video for He Got Game performed by Public Enemy.

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(C) 1998 The Island Def Jam Music Group


  1. Great music 🎶🎵i love it 😀😍❤♥💕😊.

  2. If man is the father of the sun of the center of the earth in the middle of the universe so is woman.😁 For real though; Straight up.😘 The truth of the matter is that the 🎵 music to this 🎵musical joint is so beautifully heartfelt to want to listen to and although I personally don't care for none of the lyrics of words Public Enemy saying by; BUT, only the lyrics; Who got game; I got game; She got game; We got game; They got game; He got game, because I believe is the truth.😚 Being that each person has got game that they are supposed to be careful about how to say and or do to put on them-self and or other person/s of which business not supposed to push the not natural words on especially being that person/s movements are to see are not for and or person/s say No to supposed to respect to stop the say of which say No to religious made-up beliefs and or are beliefs of said religion to wrong cheat or abuse person/s ↪ Each person supposed to be careful being that the words aren't natural, but, a beautiful sign language, that person/s supposed to be careful about how to use to say and or write in fairness about themselves and or witness; each person/s beliefs of called religion are their own thoughts of belief to pick and or choose for them-self, not for other person/s birthed child or children of family business. ↗However, if two or more children or of big persons of teenagers or adults agree to practice certain business without deceit of trickery nor force nor show abusive or they are practicing illegal business of which ought to be stopped from letting innocent person/s see that don't practice nor to set up to make do sooner or later by lies of say words wrong to is illegal business.😘

  3. one of the greates rap songs ever made , big up and respect , its wisdom in its rap format , God bless ol of ya even the evil maafakkaz

  4. Just watched this movie yesterday. It never gets old.

  5. Love this tune we'll dope WORD 😎

  6. Who? Putin’s GOT GAME you say??!!! Well well – don’t give him a bigger head.

    Gentlemen gentlemen – I am still researching. Hold your horses.

  7. Kids these days have absolutely no idea how great public enemy shook up the world . They where and still are the greatest rap group ever and even mums and dads sang there songs , as a 12 year old they blew my mind and to this day still find it incredible that 2 poor black guys from the slums made the world sit up and take notice of what was happening to black people in the ghettos.

  8. Blacks into sports and entertainment the evildoers don't care about no damn game, boys play with balls, so fuck the game because it ain't saying nothing!

  9. Public enemy brang the browns blacks and whites together here in new zealand.especially on the courts

  10. Miss these days coney island wasn't safe like it is have times changed but fuck top 5 chuck is def in my top 20 greatest of all time I think chuck vs krs1 would of been good ion think big daddy Kane has more music then chuck he can match up with krs1 the storytelling is what gives the mind body & soul open🗣️💪🏿

  11. Why can't I hear Chuck speak…blocking out words like "fuck" and "ass"

  12. There's something happening here that I can't quite figure IT out or in.

  13. I never understood why Chuck stopped flowing with his rhymes, I never liked this talking style of rap he started doing

  14. Ive just thought of this song and damn just came here to listen to it.

  15. Man hip-hop will never be this good

  16. white men in suites dont have to jump , still a thousand and 1 ways to lose in your shoes.

  17. At 0:37 I thought he said "Check the papers; Well, I bet on ISIS"

  18. Cool that Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield was in the song and video.

  19. Aw, man.. I like the version that's played at the end of the film. The one w the choir singing… I like how they switched the Stop children, what's that sound part and did their own little thing w it. It resounds in my head now. I'm always watching this film whnevr it's played on HBO or Cinemax (one of those).

    Roger Ebert was right. The characters are all very deep. Do you guys think Kobe Bryant would have been a better Jesus Shuttleworth and made the film bttr….?🤔🤨I've tried to imagine. I get why Spike had him in mind initially. He was the it guy in the late 1990s (and yes, I was a kid then). And he sorta looked the way you'd imagine a blk Jesus looking, w the facial hair and coily hair & all (think young Kobe). But Ray Allen definitely did his thing (and very nice eye candy😉🍭😌). He made the role his. The way Tyrese Gibson did whn he filled in for Tupac Shakur as Jody in Babyboy.

  20. Yeah that what i was lookin for. This instrumentation needed a rap version thanks again 💪💪💪💪🤙🏼

  21. It's 1998. I'm 12 and MTV is launched in Russia. This was one of the first videos I can remember seeing there (and I was in love with Mila Jovovich then, haha). I knew nothing about how great Public Enemy group is but it stuck in my mind forever. Now I learn a bit more and… yes, it's still in my mind.
    Maximum respect!

  22. 1996 Hungary.public enemy and ice t concert.yeeeaaaaah

  23. Chuck verses supreme up in this. My high school days…

  24. Dis make mii think of my son wen I would c him play basketball @ da basketball court wit his friends, cousins,n his lil sister plus I got dis movie but not da soundtrack tho

  25. old song with a message that is always current

  26. Who came back in 2021 to listen to this hot 🔥

  27. Nie zagram posiadam za dużo pieprzów z poważaniem taśma.

  28. Brings back good memories. 97 to 98 was a very good year! Fun times!

  29. 2022 almost and still rockin this joint. Underrated

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