The “Muzika Edukacija Harmonika” association is organising the 6th international accordion festival MehFest. The competition will take place from 13th to 16th April 2018 in the hall of the “Kosta Manojlović” Music School in Zemun (Belgrade) in Serbia.

International Commission consists of renowned musicians:
1. Danijela Rakić – Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Nemanja Potparić – Črna gora
3. Slobodan Đurić – Serbia
4. Zoran Rakić – Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Dejan Milkunić – Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Martin Težak – Slovenia
7. Damir Toskić Vasiljević – Serbia
8. Nenad Ljubenović – Serbia
9. Dušan Novčić – Serbia
10. Franck Angelis – France
11. Slobodan Stanić – Serbia
12. Ramona Dimitrijević Balać – Serbia
13. Gvozden Eraković – Serbia

Information for Qualifications in Serbia (Zemun)

  • Competition name: 6th International festival Mehfest
  • Date and location: Belgrade-Zemun, GŠ Kosta Manojlović from 13th to 16th April 2018
  • Expiration time for registration: /
  • Registration:
  • E-contact:
  • Web page:
  • Qualifications held for: (Piano, chromatic and diatonic accordion)


At the international accordion festival MehFest, regular selection qualifications for the Accordion Games 2018 will be held for citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro; contestants from other countries are also invited.

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