Accordion games that take place every two years, with all novelties that book the championship as unique and prestige, also introduces a double money fund. All participating competitors soloists, that are also members of Accordion games, are also automatically eligible to gain awards from both awarding funds, that is as long as they achieve norms and criteria that will be determined in the rules. ACCORDION GAMES TOURNAMENT, which will announce the timeline of olympics, what means a period of four years, will enable an additional money fund. This means that every fourth year Accordion games will along the regular awarding fund also release an additional money fund and end the period with an especially prestige money fund of Accordion games. In the additional money award fund there is already guaranteed at least 20.000,00 €. All detailed information will be uploaded on our official webpage: www.accordion-games.com. Dear competitors! Don`t wait, register for the qualifications and be a part of most beautifull accordion stories that Accordion games will fold. Welcome!

Flag of Slovenia officially the Republic of Slovenia is a nation state in southern Central Europe1.) Prequalifications of the Accordion Games (Slovenia)

Short description: The pre-qualification of the Accordion Games will take place on 6 and 7 july, 2018. All competitors who, for some reason, could not or did not want to attend any of the qualifications available, will have pre-qualifications available. If the competitor successfully completes pre-qualification, he will be presented once again with the entire program on the same day.

Flag of Slovenia officially the Republic of Slovenia is a nation state in southern Central Europe2.) Qualifications in Austria

Short description: Qualifications for Accordion games 2018 in Austria will take place on 2. June 2018. Accordionists of all ages and any nationality can participate with any kind of accordion. Parcipation registry is open till including the 31. 5. 2018. Competitors, who will successfuly pass the qualifications will receive a certificate that confirms it. The organizer reserves the right to cancel qualifications in Austria if the number of registered competitors is too low. In any case, pre-qualifications are available to competitors on 6 July 2018.

3.) Qualifications in Australia (Sydney-NSW 2176 Australia)

  • Date and location: Club Marconi, 121 Prairie Vale Rd, Bossley Park 9 and 10 June 2018
  • Expiration time for registration: May 1, 2018
  • Registration: Registration form
  • E-contact: tats64@gmail.com
  • Web: www.aata.org.au
  • Qualifications are available for (Piano and chromatic accordion)

Short description: One of Australasia’s biggest accordion competitions, the Australian Accordion Teachers Association (AATA) welcomes contestants, performers and accordionists from all corners of the globe to our Annual Festival. Held in Sydney since 1993, competitors can select from a wide range of musical genres and age group levels. Our premiere category – Australian International Solo Accordion Championship has attracted numerous international entrants, many of whom have gone on to win Coupe Mondiale and/or Klingenthal titles. With the goal of encouraging youth and the next generation of accordionists, our festival is particularly interested in nurturing younger players through an atmosphere of friendly competition, and exposure to world class accordion concert artists, entertainers and performers.

4.) Qualifications in Canada (Newmarket – Ontario)

  • Date and location: Simon Gregorčič Park, 4. and 5. august 2018
  • Expiration time for registration: 15.06.2018
  • Registration: Registration form
  • E-contact: play@buttonakordion.ca
  • Web: http://buttonakordion.rocks/
  • Qualifications are available for (Diatonic accordion)

Short description: Accordionists of all nationalities are welcome to participate on Canadian championship with diatonic accordion that will take place on 4. and 5. August 2018 in Simon Gregorčič`s Park, Newmarket, Ontario in Canada. By participating on this competition you also take part in qualifications for Accordion Games. Besides the awards that CANADIAN SLOVENIAN BUTTON ACCORDION CHAMPIONSHIP provides, you might also receive a certificate of successfully passed qualifications for ACCORDION GAMES. Welcome!

5.) Qualifications in Croatia (Daruvar)

Short description: The organizer of this competition is the association Accordion Centre. 9th Croatian competition for accordion will be held at Termal hotel in Daruvar, on 11th and 12th May 2018. Only competitors with Croatian citizenship can apply for the competition. Competition in Daruvar is the only competition in Croatia that offers qualifications for the ACCORDION GAMES, in piano and chromatic accordion categories.

6.) Online qualifications for Accordion games

Short description: Online qualifications are open to all accordion player from any country in the world, except for those countries, which have enabled the qualification through competition with the concession. In those countries it can qualify accordionists in disciplines that do not allow competition with the concession in their country.

Flag of Slovenia officially the Republic of Slovenia is a nation state in southern Central Europe7.) Qualifications in Slovenia (Grosuplje and Novo mesto)

Short description: The qualifications for Accordion games 2018 in Slovenia will take place on 28 and 29. April. Accordionists of all ages, nationalities and different accordion types are allowed to participate. All successfully qualified competitors will receive a certificate which allows them to register on ACCORDION GAMES.

8.) Qualifications in Serbia (Zemun)

  • Competition name: 6th International festival Mehfest
  • Date and location: Belgrade-Zemun, GŠ Kosta Manojlović from 13th to 16th April 2018
  • Expiration time for registration: /
  • Registration: http://www.mehfest.rs/prijava/
  • E-contact: milos.zivic@gmail.com
  • Web page: http://www.mehfest.rs/
  • Qualifications held for: (Piano, chromatic and diatonic accordion)

Short description: The “Muzika Edukacija Harmonika” association is organising the 6th international accordion festival MehFest. The competition will take place from 13th to 16th April 2018 in the hall of the “Kosta Manojlović” Music School in Zemun (Belgrade) in Serbia. At the international accordion festival MehFest, regular selection qualifications for the Accordion Games 2018 will be held for citizens of Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro; contestants from other countries are also invited.

9.) Qualifications in Russia (BGIIK-Belgorod)

  • Date and location: BGIIK’s Department of Performing Art – Grazhdanskiy Prospekt, 55 – Belgorod from 14th – 16th March 2018
  • Expiration time for registration: 2. March 2018
  • Registration: Registration form
  • E-contact: bayan.belgorod@gmail.com
  • Web: http://bayan-belgorod.ru/en/
  • Qualifications are available for (Bayan and chromatic accordion, harmonica)

Short description: International Festival Contest Days of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica in Belgorod is one of the largest events in the world of bayan and accordion music. Every March, there are four days when we give all our enthusiasm to present our spectators in Russia world’s achievements in this sphere. At the same time, we proudly share Russia’s best contemporary bayan and accordion creations with the world. Days of Bayan, Accordion and Harmonica in Belgorod in the first place is a platform for active and creative communication and idea exchange. We cordially invite here representatives of various performing schools, young musicians, composers, world leaders in bayan and accordion manufacturing, teachers, and all admirers of our instruments. Our competition allows all contestants to qualify directly for the ACCORDION GAMES – UNITED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF ACCORDIONISTS which can boast of one of the most prestigious prize funds in the world and our organisation is a partner of it.