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Rad Video Game Music on A Lot of Different Instruments!

Joe Porter
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Having so much fun playing all of these Rad Video Game Music Pieces on A Lot of Different Instruments! Which instruments and themes did you like the most? What music would you like to hear in the future?

Here is the Steel Tongue Drum I used:
– Antetok Steel Tongue Drum (15 notes):
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  1. That was a weird zeldas lullaby but like everything else was pretty cool

  2. Play the wii theme on the vibraphone pleaseeee

  3. my heart is fulfilled after hearing the cookie run kingdom theme

  4. all was going good until he did cookie run 🤢

  5. he makes it look so easy but this isn't easy to do at all! Great work!

  6. 오 배그랑 쿠키런:킹덤 ㅋㅋㅋ 좋다

  7. الداد رد رذىودروذر ب. ذعربعريتبتت

  8. Idk why but…this guy sounds like Dream lol :^D

  9. Wow me encanta la música
    Puedes hacer uno con slime rancher

  10. Hes has to do “at dooms gate” on marimba!

  11. Great work you are going do well in a career in music 🙂

  12. Ok here’s a dumb request but is it even remotely possible to play “The Vengeful Spartan” from the original God of War?

  13. For the thousands of steam hours I have, I’d like to recognize a game I’ve played just once in one of these theme cover vids.

  14. I am am a big fan I show everyone your videos but by the way could you still do captain toad theme

  15. Where can I get sheet music for transposing purposes? Can I get the sheet music for the songs featured in the video?

  16. Day 1 (again) if asking for the Radiance theme from Hollow Knight

  17. Man I need a full xylophone cover of the Yoshi's Island athletic theme!

  18. Ca. You try minecraft and apex legends

  19. Can you do like a Halloween themes on these

  20. I'm going to have to go back to ocarina of time to hear the Zelda lullaby to double check that

  21. Wow, the PUBG music is like gamelan. gamelan in Indonesia.

  22. I like his way of saying "marimba"😊😊

  23. i love the enthusiasm when hes saying "MARIMBAA"

  24. Космические мелодии!! или осмические??☺😚

  25. would you like to try Fortnite music?
    there's actually a lot of interesting music from the game i think

  26. Please Blue Bird Opening 3 is full. Im subscriber.

  27. If you ever get the chance I would like to here the good mythical morning intro to there videos on different instruments that would be a neat video to watch

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