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Rad Video Game Music on A Lot of Different Instruments!

Joe Porter
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Having so much fun playing all of these Rad Video Game Music Pieces on A Lot of Different Instruments! Which instruments and themes did you like the most? What music would you like to hear in the future?

Here is the Steel Tongue Drum I used:
– Antetok Steel Tongue Drum (15 notes):
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– Antetok Steel Tongue Drum (Canada):
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– Direct from the manufacturer:

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  1. You should do everyday items like an alarm clock!

  2. Pls can u do brawl stars next. It is my favourite game. They also have a band called the bad randoms that make rock music. It's not for the game but for YouTube and streaming services

  3. You should definitely try hollow knight… it's too good pls

  4. I recognized ONE of these and it was the Mario one…

  5. Could you try either abandon ship or into the unknown from subnautica please? Your content is awesome

  6. I love these and I would love to learn them but it’s hard workout sheet music, would you consider including some form of written notes in the future?

  7. I just realized something! The China symbol sounds the opening to Black Betty.

  8. Whoa, can you do a full version of Zelda’s lullaby?

  9. I got a big grin when I heard cookie run. I did voice over for that game and I love it

  10. I have a confession, I only know the Cookie Run Kingdom one

  11. The freaking advertisement I got before this video was LONGER than the video itself!

  12. Do fortnite, among us and call of duty warzone

  13. ★•𝖽𝖺𝗋𝗄𝖼𝖺𝖼𝖺𝗈•★ says:

    When i heard crk i jumped so high i was so happy

  14. I got a cool request. Can you do Ravens Decent from Stardew valley on really any instrument

  15. /stares at the mallets for the xylophone and vibraphone
    Forbidden lollipops.

    Wow I LOVE that game!

  17. Yay! Ocarina of Time! I haven't yet headed Zelda's lullaby in the game because I just started playing but it sounds nice!

  18. AMAZING I really love this stuff especially the Zelda keep it up

  19. Never thought he would actually do clash Royale and CRK music, 2 of my fav mobile games.

  20. Why was that Yoshis Island theme so GOOD you do amazing gjoe hope to be you one day because I always look up to you.

  21. Me: struggling to play with two hands on a piano
    Joe: plays 8 instruments at once

    Very nice job! Impressive work. 👍

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