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Rap Songs Made For MOVIES vs Rap Songs In VIDEO GAMES!

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In this video, I showcase what are some rap songs MADE for MOVIES and put them up against rap songs that are in VIDEO GAMES! Thanks for watching & subscribe for more!



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  1. 7:50 Riot is in fortnite, magic and welcome to the rodeo is in madden

  2. French Montana stays making songs for movies 😭

  3. You forgot one last one, Sucker For Pain for Suicide Squad.

  4. The only reason I clicked on this is because of Racecar Fruit Drink being on the preview of the video🤣

  5. POV: You're in a car in a GTA game listening to a dope song on the radio and you just can't get out of the Car

  6. Here’s order of list that I think is real HARD AND LITT RAP SONGS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Welcome to party ,
    candy paint
    ,the PURGE,
    pump it up
    , see you again
    , straight outta Compton
    , lose yourself
    , x gon give it to ya
    , act a fool
    , gangsters paradise
    , forever
    , I won ,
    venom ,

  7. Candy Paint and Sunflower brought me some memories

  8. Fast and Furious 9 soundtrack is better than the movie

  9. Is it just me or lane switcha Sound like when 21 savages verse in knife talk

  10. Fun fact: montero was made for rocket league cuz it’s gay asl

  11. As i saw the title first thing that came to mind is that WLR song in GTA V and Going Bad wich plays for about 5 minutes in that Kevin Hart movie

  12. 2k19 had the best sound track of every game ever: change my mind

  13. Bro. You forgot Gang Up for fast and the furious 8.

  14. there is also last forever and fly n ghetto of ayo&teo for fortnite

  15. nigga the scotts wasn't made for fucking fortnite

  16. yo what, nf the search in apex legends? you trippin

  17. You forgot how it was by future for gta 5 but its good

  18. I remember step by nle choppa was in call of duty season one montage in their official yt channel

  19. Go Off is criminally underrated and the spider verse soundtrack was awesome since they managed to get juice, x, ski, post malone, lil wayne and a bunch of other huge artists

  20. spiderman into the spiderverse's tracks were so good

  21. What was that song in the beginning of the vid

  22. Am i seriously the only person who didnt know that nle choppa and polo g both made soundtracks for fnf9

  23. When I heard "I woke up in a new Bugatti" I immediately thought of when I used to play gta with my old friends before the pandemic

  24. Why does Travis Scott look like a modded GTA story mode character in the thumbnail

  25. Black panther and spider verse had the best albums for movies and fast and furious

  26. What about “is you ready” my migos for the movie “mile 22”

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