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rating popular rhythm games

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0:00 intro
0:15 melatonin
1:41 muse dash
2:30 a dance of fire and ice
4:08 friday night funkin
5:19 geometry dash
6:24 rhythm doctor
7:08 just shapes and beats
8:27 osu
8:56 super hexagon
9:28 beat saber
9:47 robeats
10:56 rhythm heaven
11:27 parappa the rapper
12:43 elite beat agents
13:24 arcaea
14:03 lofi room


  1. your ip adrees is :———— better run why becouse fnf is not dog water funk you

  2. Fnf and Geometry Dash are the beast games fr (my opinion)

  3. Alguien le dice como funciona el menu de rhyhtm heaven?

  4. VIRGIN! Osu is for virgins and fnf is for chads,not a sh1t just because their fans are kids

  5. The fnf fan,the ptr fan and the rhythm heaven fan seeing how other rhythm games are:(i'm the three)

  6. the one that knows what is beast beaters:💀💀💀

  7. Hey im not mad at you but you must play some FNF mods because there is the fun and you must try the mario madness mod because this is the best mod😎

  8. ,,Osu in S tier, fnf in F tier" hmmm yesh sheemsh very proffeshional

  9. How his brain works:
    10 hours into game and good at it = absolute masterpiece
    Has few playtime and is bad at the game = bad game

  10. Bro ur just having a skill issue on a dance of fire and ice

  11. Muse dash is pretty uhhh….🤨

  12. Bro I have 1k hours and I can’t even beat cats 💀

  13. On behalf of Friday Night Funkin'
    It is completely unfair that you give higher ratings on games gou are good at and give games you are bad at a low rating. You straight up just went on FNF, went on the hardest week, lost miserably and rated the game garbage.
    On behalf of JSaB
    You only played the tutorial levels on JSaB, and rated it highly questionable.
    On behalf of PaRappa The Rapper (even tho the closest thing i've played to it is Scratchin Melodii)
    Your excuse to give it a low rating was because the controls didn't fit you.

    Overall, this video is not THAT reliable, as he calls all the games that he is good at masterpieces, while leaving the games he is bad at in the dust.

  14. This is the definition of a bad reviewer.
    He literally rates game la he is not good at as bad, and doesn’t make any effort to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

    First off both rhythm heaven and elite best agent are not going to be as fun if not played on a Nintendo Ds since the game uses the touch screen.

    2nd games like muse dash should be higher as they offer a lot of songs for little money.
    Finally this guy is missing many other great rhythm games such as deemo, Cytus, djmax respect V, and also some good ga blah games like bang dream girls band party, idolm@ster Cinderella stage, etc.

    The best part of the video was at least he only wasted around 15 minutes of our time.

  15. Ok so u dare do dis to fnf just bc ur bad at it…..

    I'll fuckin hunt u down

  16. "i was only hitting greats all the time" hits a perfect

  17. Fnf is good game. You are just bst at it

  18. What's fnf is the best rhythm game whyyyyyy

  19. Putting Arcaea in mid instantly makes this tier bad. But again if he saw the Future 10s/Beyond songs he would instantly put it worse than mid of his skill issue 😛

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