Reacting to MUSIC made from our WORST song ideas - Game Grumps Compilations -

Reacting to MUSIC made from our WORST song ideas – Game Grumps Compilations

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  1. 22:22 So long as you’re in a headspace of love, that’s legit how you can like, talk to God

  2. Unicorn Wizard? uhhh, you mean like Twilight Sparkle?

  3. Im just thinking about the fact u are trying to run away from zombies and in the end all they really wanted was to give you a sweet undead hjob:)

  4. Every time I hear artists talking about their own music, all I can think is “how often do these guys get their own older music stuck in their heads”

  5. @ Danny, why not make the "Rock all day or night depending on your availability" song about the process of trying to make rock but never having the thoughts available? That's the story behind Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out" and that's a banger!

  6. How do they not have a song titled "Unexpectedly Deep (Penetrating space)".

  7. I think "Did I fucking say you could stop partying" could be a multi song thing spread out across a whole album where every few songs comes back to DIFSYCSP in order to keep the joke going.

  8. Dan looks like that one Grandma/Great Aunt that your mom always makes you talk to but that you never WANT to talk to, you only talk to her because your mom told you to

  9. Did I fucking say you could stop partying is great, just the music getting more and more frantic

  10. 26:53 I think this has to be narrated like Vincent Price-style in a poetic dark fashion like
    "The rumbles of the parting soil
    Have shattered moonlit silence
    The undead hand reveals itself
    A very stratling sight
    He feels the coldness on his shaft
    Go back and forth with violence
    Life-giving cock and lifeless hand
    Become as one tonight"
    or something to that effect. Or was it already considered while writing that?

  11. I was in a band in middle-high school called Complicated Arrangement. We were… Okay I guess?

    Anyway. We were working on our 3rd record called Rebirth. It was like 18 tracks and we have most of the instrumentals still in the vault. But now it's Disillusioned by a band called Forever Knights that has 2 members instead of 4. Almost every single song I wrote for that record became a completely different concept in the writing process, and it ended up being like 10 tracks.

    We just finished recording it, and I found an original lyric booklet for the first draft of rebirth (we used to make things like that) and seeing how wildly different everything is… Dan is spot on with seeing how weird it is. This was 5 years in the making 😂

  12. Wildcard Productions [ADHDgonewild7] says:

    Can sbass bear officially join NSP please

  13. It is indeed two guys at sbass bear because in the Diddle kiid video, there's two sets of hands doing the drums

  14. Song title ideas:
    Party at the bar!-mitzvah
    Jewish Jackoff
    Holy SHIT-mas (I'm Jewish)

  15. You know that your screen is disgusting when you can't tell whether it's smudges that just so happen to be around Dan's head or it's an artful fly away lock of his hair.

  16. They should put those rejected song titles on shirts.

  17. Spent 9 minutes at the dinner table desperately trying to hold in my uncontrollable laughter from the madly increasing tempo of “Did I Fucking Say You Could Stop Partying” so that I wouldn’t spew out my food across the table

  18. You have no idea how fucking jealous I am of Dan’s Monokuma onesie.

  19. “Rock All Night, Fish All Day.”
    Sonic Adventure in a nutshell.

  20. It almost looks like Danny's face was terribly cropped onto a black void XD

  21. Dan having the hoodie obscure his eyes made him look like ryanstorm's animated version of him.

  22. Y’all should do a video of some of the songs people made from the things you guys say! Em One has done a few nice ones. “Wasting no more time” is my favorite.

  23. I fucking love Rock All Night, Fish All Day.

  24. I watched this so many times that I forgot how “Take on Me” actually went

  25. I wonder if they remember the set of thumbnails for Dead or Alive 2 where each episode had a different word for "boobs" and the eyes on their grump heads gradually got bigger until the end where it was just ridiculously big.

  26. Is on of arins eyes lower than the other. I've noticed it in other videos too

  27. I agree that the things you do as a spur in the moment tend to be more successful because there's so much passion behind it. Of course you can work hard for amazing results but often those things are so polished and produced that they lose that spark and energy.

  28. So like, the song things will never be the same I've applied too much ketchup to hamburger, every time I think of it all I can see is this lonely middle-aged dude and like you set up the scene where it looks like he got stood up on a date and then his hamburger comes out he's already miserable and then he's hitting the bottom of the ketchup and it explodes and for some reason that triggers a portal to hell in the middle of the restaurant

  29. This is so late but I just realized that someone sort of beat them to it with the song zombie prostitute

  30. Arin taking one tiny bite at a time of a tiny pretzel makes me irrationally upset. Like, dude, it's literally the size of 1/8th of your palm just pop it in your mouth PLEASE

  31. Does the “did I fucking say you can stop partying “ have an actual trans track?

  32. I'd personally love to hear a Yellvis cover album.

  33. I could listen to Brian's song titles that were rejected for literally an entire day. 24 hours.

  34. The way Daniel Avidan professionally and kind of academically explains "Did I fucking say you could stop partying turned into Rock Party USA which then turned into Everybody shut up, I have an erection" slays me.

  35. "I like when people make stuff and they're like "I'm gonna make it!" So much energy and electricity! That was makes for good stuff!"
    Arin's not very bright

  36. Why tf do these talk about titles for so long when everything is always supposed to be titled last? Makes no sense

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