Reacting To Video Game Music! | Daytona USA - Let's Go Away -

Reacting To Video Game Music! | Daytona USA – Let’s Go Away

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  1. Also the arcade version of let's go away is WILDLY different than this, if you enjoyed this definitely check out the other version!!

  2. I’ve never heard this song until now, watching it with you the first time…. What have I been missing all my life?

  3. If you like him you gotta check out his rendition of Ryu's theme on the Street Fighter Tribute Album.

  4. This video of this guy singing is my happy place

  5. This song is so nostalgic and infectious I swear. The song is the main theme, that plays during the attract mode for the arcade game, and I have EXTREMELY vivid memories of going to the mall for shopping and then hearing in the distance "DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" from the arcade. Every time I hear this song I can still smell the pretzels from the shop across the way from the arcade and the popcorn from the theater next door. It goes harder than it has any right to, and I will always adore the energy and fun he brings to the song because it never ceased to put a smile on my face when I heard it in the wild.

  6. I've only ever heard the arcade version but this live performance was a wonderful introduction to this treasure of a human being.

  7. Sega really had to make their sound font for the Genesis work. Some could, others could not. By the time they got to the Saturn they just went full force. There's a lot of things people can complain about Sega, but music usually is not one of them. It hyped many a person in the past and with the strangest of games. Like firefighters, rollerbladers, scifi reporters and of course racers.

  8. Sega racing games and fighting games are my favorite memories from the arcade days. Take me back!!

  9. I broke so many people with this game at the arcades. Every time people would watch me hit first place in solo games and people would try afterwards only to not end up finishing the race. It was a good laugh to see them fail every time. Multiplayer was fun just for messing with people as you could easily drift into people for boosts until they screwed up and spun out. hehe Good memories.

    By the way, Daytona is one of the best places for racing. It literally is one of the few places that did authentic on the beach racing. Its also where countless big races are done as the raceway there hosts a variety of races culminating in the daytona 500.

  10. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi is truly a god amongst men

  11. While most people know Mitsuyoshi-san from Daytona USA, he worked with SEGA as a composer since the 1990 for games like GP Rider, Strike Fighter, Virtua Racing, etc. Also was part of the Sega Sound Team Band, you can find some music with him at the keyboards with the band here on YT. I recommend "Hyper City" from Strike Fighter 🙂

  12. Everything about this song from its conception, to its composition, to its technical execution on a 1993 arcade board. Everything about this song is pure, concentrated genius. I don't even play those games really and this is song one of the most enjoyable musical experiences I've ever encountered. I flipped when this guy got to do a F-Zero medley for Super Smash Bros.

  13. SEGA has and always will be the kings of the arcade, simply due to the amount of effort and talent it takes to create such memorable and attractive soundtracks. Your reaction proves that they succeeded in creating a thrilling and immersive experience, even though all you did was enjoy the music!

    Whenever you get the chance, I recommend you check out the After Burner Theme arrangement by the incredibly talented SEGA Sound Team Band (S.S.T. Band).

  14. My favorite thing about Daytona was the absolutely wacky crossover it had with a certain fighting game. You had all these characters from other sega fighting games duking it out, and then you just have the Daytona Nascar punching shit with its tires. Absolutely hilarious in action.
    And I think it showed up in one of the sonic racing games as well as a playable character. Just imagine sonic and friends in their karts racing against just a straight up Nascar.

  15. OMG so late to this party. Daytona USA is one of the best arcade games ever made, which I playe da lot during my teen years at the skate center. Had a 4 seat arcade with each seat having a wheel+stick+3 peddle configuration. Best arcade Ive ever played. I still look out for machines to buy so I can have it in my garage.

    The Sega Saturn port just doesnt compare.

  16. The greatest music in a Racing game belongs to Sega Rally 1 on the Sega Saturn, it's not even close. The guitarist is none other than Joe Satriani.

  17. You literally cannot be mad listening to this song. The energy is so infectiously optimistic that it can turn even the most shrewd of pessimists into a believer.

    A believer of racing.

  18. This version of this classic track is just perfect, always cheers me up. Love the game too. SEGA are still that same breed, check out the Yakuza soundtracks – they're pretty much all bangers from start to finish.


  20. He also sang on Sonic Gems Fairy of AIF

  21. rooooooooooooooolllliiiiinnnggggg….. STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTT

    as a quick aside, i found you by seeing your pso2 profound darkness video. the 25 minute long one. the reason i was looking for it, is THIS MAN. THIS BEAUTIFUL HUMAN, apparently did a VOCAL version of profound darkness this week. and its not on youtube. and i need to find it.


  22. This song and this rendition is pure, distilled hype, adrenaline and happiness.
    This song NEVER fails to make me smile.

  23. This song is in my head for the rest of the day now.

  24. Obviously this is a live, more recent performance, but check out the immense effort this man had to go through to get his vocals on the arcade version of the original game. He sampled his own voice because there wasn't reliable storage fo CD quality audio at the time

  25. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi is such a treasure, perfect human

  26. Honestly one of the best VGM songs of all time, it's been on my playlist for years and it never fails to get me pumped

  27. I haven't heard this in a while but I absolutely love this song so much and the singer is so good and has such awesome energy.

  28. In case you were wondering – it's like 99.9% likely that Takenobu is the 'Game Over Yeah' guy, as that's from Sega Rally Championship 1995 – which he composed!

  29. God this song is such a bop every time I hear it and it never fails to get suck in my head and put a smile.

  30. I worked in an Arcade when this system/song was part of the attract mode of the Arcade cabinet of this game. It's a great song, but hearing 'DAAAAYTOOONA' every time the attract mode looped every five minutes or so for an 8 hour shift has BURNED THIS SONG INTO MY BRAIN. I still twitch when I hear it, although this is a great version of it that doesn't quite set me off.

    But yeah – as great as this song is, I can't hear it without flinching.

  31. Oh shit, memories of me playing in the arcade for this one

  32. Daytona USA isn't a game, it's an experience

  33. Spent a lot of quarters on that thing back in the day.

  34. quick, a patron, recommend Ridge Racer Type 4 ASAP, open the arcade racing game OST floodgates

    [edit] specifically Move Me, too!

  35. This guy actually made a bunch of underrated remixes of Street Fighter themes and is the guy responsible for the excellent F-Zero Melody from Smash Ultimate. He is excellent.

  36. The "Game Over Yeah" thing is from Sega Rally but it's the same guy (Takenobi Mitsuyoshi). If you ever walked into an arcade, chances are you heard "DAYYYYYTOOOONAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" from the attract mode of Daytona USA. Also this cover always makes me so happy

  37. Wow this man was a blast to watch! So into it and so fun. And of course the song itself was a fun listen 😀

  38. I've never heard this before until now I and I feel like I've been cheated in life.

  39. The amount of fun the singer is having is just contagious! That made me smile the whole way through

  40. Wow what a classic! Super throwback! So glad I subscribed

  41. This song just slaps right out the gate, every time I hear it it puts me in a good mood!

  42. If you enjoy Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's energy, definitely check out "Desert Replay" from Sega Rally Championship. The entire song is pretty much just him rocking a synth keyboard and piano with powerful funk energy. His personality shines right through it.

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