Reacting To Video Game Music! | Everhood - Feisty Flowers -

Reacting To Video Game Music! | Everhood – Feisty Flowers

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  1. The Song That Might Play When You're Murdering A Shopkeeper

  2. This is the merchant's themeHe is kinda.. lets say "high"

  3. Cazok wrote this one, they're pretty cool

  4. I'm glad someone acknowledges Neverhood again.Even if it's while reacting to Everhood.

  5. This is one of my absolute favorites from the soundtrack and it does often get stuck in my head too, lol. Everhood did release last year, so it's recent! Everhood is a short rhythm adventure game inspired by the likes of Undertale and Yume Nikki. Most themes like this are "battle" themes where you're dodging song notes from the enemy on what is essentially a Guitar Hero board. Chris Nordgren and Jordi Roca are the main developers of the game, and it's the first game they've developed.

    The soundtrack had multiple contributors; Chris has done some music for the game, but this particular track was composed by Cazok! It has a bit of that trippy panning effect going on because the character you're fighting is a hippie flower shop owner and gets all sort of effects that mess with your vision during the fight.

    I will definitely be requesting more Everhood in the future as it's one of my favorite games of the decade so far, and I'll try to provide vids with composer names listed!

  6. Its basically Guitar Hero the RPG. Very fun rhythm game where you dodge and absorb the notes and fire them back instead of hitting them.

  7. I loved that little chuckle you had when the first intro was over – but this really is a tune one can jam to very well 😀

  8. Dude one u should take a listen to is the skyrim theme..that one is pretty dope!!

  9. Since some of my comments on YouTube were removed, I ask you again to take a look at these songs. They are from different games and I would really appreciate it if you could react to any of them.

  10. This is technically from a anime but you should definitely take a listen to it regardless it's called gundam thunderbolt ost 01-thunderbolt for main theme

  11. Everhood is fantastic, one of the hidden gems of recent days, you all owe yourselves to play this if you love music

  12. Dude. This is a must. React to Serious Sam 3 " war 4 gladiator" the first word that comes to mind when I hear the guitar in this is SEXY. You'll love it hands down

  13. Everhood is such a good game… and the entire OST is a bop.

  14. If you like this track, there’s one from the climax of the game called Euthanasia Rollercoaster that’s a good time

  15. Nice! Everhood is one of my favourite games, and the soundtrack is full of bangers!

  16. The game is part rhythm, part bullet hell. And I can say, every single song is a banger. I highly suggest trying it. It feels like it would be right up your alley.

    Otherwise, if you were to listen to other songs in the same game, I suggest "Revenge" (which has 8 different guitar parts played by 8 different guitar types), or "Wrath of God," which has some great heavy guitar riffs in it. Every song is just too good.

  17. Brooo if you’re doing everhood you gotta do Revenge and Reconciliation… this ost goes so hard

  18. I have 2 suggestion 🙂 ,
    Oblivion – Through the valleys
    Guild Wars 2 Ouverture ( main there )

  19. Im still sad I can't properly enjoy this game since I have flash sensitivity and that game is very HEAVY on that stuff, but I love guitar hero rythm esq games and rpgs. However, yes the OST is an absolute jam and has a lot of amazing tracks.

  20. If I had to choose a favourite song from Everhood, I'd have to say it'd be Tinnitus Dance.

  21. Everhood is great. I recommend you listen to Everhood Revenge or Why Oh You Are LOVE.

  22. Everhood has a bunch of great songs. You gotta experience the gnome song with the gameplay, its very trippy

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