Reacting To Video Game Music! | FFXIV - And Love You Shall Find (Terncliff) -

Reacting To Video Game Music! | FFXIV – And Love You Shall Find (Terncliff)

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  1. It’s crazy how good this theme works in different scenarios. The first we heard of it was from Terncliff, small town only recently freed from the grasp of the oppressive empire. While freed, they will never truly escape the horrors inflicted upon them, the tragedies forever haunting the streets of the city and filling it with melancholy.

    [EW Spoilers Ahead!!]

    We hear it later on in Garlemald itself, during several different scenes. Every one of them serving to remind us that the once great empire is now fallen, its citizens (although arguably complacent of the crimes of their leaders) undeserving of the torment inflicted upon them. A dying people barely clinging onto hope, memories of better days held fast and many existing as ghosts of an old regime.

    I LOVE this track. I’m glad the people suggesting tracks aren’t forgetting the slower paced and more calm songs that highlight how immersing the music can be to XIV. Keep up the great reactions, your insight was amazing!

  2. The storyline associated with this area is so heartbreaking and just the music makes me cry. A lot of World of Warcraft streamers started playing ffxiv last year. Both Preach and Pyromancer broke down and cried on stream. It is one of the quest lines that sticks with you about this game.

    Some suggestions: all the city themes. There’s a day and night version of all city themes. Let’s start with day version of Gridania, Ul’dah, and Limsa Lominsa.

    Also…. Is there a country song? There a Chocobo theme from the race tracks based on ff7 that would work.

    And the bosses for this are the WEAPONS from ff7. Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond. They are giant Gundam robots in ff14. The themes are Ultima Primals Version and then you have heard Emerald’s theme but not the others.

  3. I'm from Japan.
    I suggest you Ys opening theme.
    ・To Make the End of Battle
    ・Ark of Napishtim

  4. As of now, my play time is around 207 days. During all that time not once did I hear a song while playing that I thought didn't belong. Every time a song has come in, it has just felt like it enhances the experience.

  5. Could you possibly react to some of the Deep Rock Galactic soundtrack? Songs I would reccomend are Dance of the Dreadnought, Run!!, They're here and Attack of the Glyphids.

    All amazing songs for a game and a thorough recommendation by me.

  6. Some suggestions of FFXIV OST that i find incredible:

    Invicible (Hades Theme)
    Endcaller (Zodiark Theme)
    From the heaven (Final Omega Theme)
    In The Balance (Nald'Thal Theme)
    Endsinger Phase 2
    Thordan's Reign

  7. I know everyone else is saying it, but it's can't be recommended enough: In the Balance.

    I know you've said you don't have time to play XIV (and that's fair), but if you decide to do so at some point, it would be very worth your while. So much of the music is tied to the story, so you'd get so much more out of it.

  8. This track was my favourite of Shadowbringers (I like it even more than Tomorrow and Tomorrow, To the Edge or Shadowbringers). This song hit me very very hard the first time I heard it.

  9. Yeah this Song and Zone together with its questline is just oof in a hard but good way.
    Also makes its interesting in that one character mostly known for memes and beeing evil gives to some stuff making you realy feel sorry for him

  10. The story associated with this song still makes me cry. The song is one of the best to come out of Shadowbringers.

  11. Need for speed “ Flimsy “ ,,Now Jessie , Now ,, Your ears will cry from the sheer brutal heavy industrial guitar riffs of this masterpiece in Need For Speed ,,, It’s by Saki Kaskas , One of my most beloved sport composers of all time , RIP to this legendary badass who passed away in 2016 , His music impacted sports games so much ,,, Please do me this favor and I’ll be so grateful fellow veteran ,,, 👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻

  12. I literally cannot hang out in locations in the game where this song is playing- it just hurts too much.

  13. I can safely say that in-game, you wouldn't hear voiced lines; they didn't do any for 'The Sorrow of Werlyt' quests. (They typically don't do voiced lines for non-MSQ content; there have been exceptions, but that's usually in raid fights only.) Other ambience, though, absolutely. The ocean surf below Terncliff, the footsteps of your character… yeah.

    Terncliff is a very beautiful place, but also very tragic in FFXIV; as has been pointed out, that's why 'And Love You Shall Find' is so somber. I remember when we first arrived in Terncliff; I took a screenshot, thinking it was a lovely place. Months later, as 'The Sorrow of Werlyt' concluded, I found myself thinking 'damn… that is NOT the direction I expected it to take.' The whole place is just… it doesn't change too much, but revisiting Terncliff just serves as a wondrous reminder of a very grand story.

  14. Hey bro, you gotta check out Deep Stone Lullaby. Its a Destiny 2 raid encounter. When you play the game and get to this part, you mute everything else in the game except for the music. Its incredible.

  15. Terncliff's theme (And Love You Shall Find) is, as other people have commented, somber because it's a war-torn town oppressed by the Garlean Empire. The keys that add tension are actually part of the leitmotif for the main theme for the Empire ("Imperial Will"), while the vocals and violin use the leitmotif from the Praetorium dungeon ("Penitus"), which is also used in "A Land Long Dead" (the bgm in the dungeon "The Burn").

    Links to the tracks:

    Imperial Will:
    There's also an interesting arrangement of this track in the latest expansion's zone, where we go to the Garlean capital city, "Garlemald" titled "Home Beyond the Horizon":


    A Land Long Dead

  16. The FF14 Experience:

    "I'm just doing an optional Sidequest Line!

    …. and I am crying again…"

  17. excuse me sir, may i recommend a bgm of one of the games i play? this is the title : toram online – venena coenubie theme. I don't know if you will like it or not.. But thank you very much.

  18. You should listen to "In the Balance" from ffxiv! it's amazing

  19. Since you ask about a boss theme related to this one, listen to the melody on the piano once more, then go back and listen to The Black Wolf Stalks Again/Emerald Weapon. 🙂 That leitmotif is present in a lot of places in the game.

  20. there's something so gratifying in watching someone blindly react and enjoy the music from this game. it's almost addictive

  21. You should react to the Red/ champion theme from Pokémon soul silver and heartgold ( also loving your videos btw)

  22. So, the closest thing that I can think of for FFXIV country music is the "Chocobo Racing Theme" from the chocobo racing Gold Saucer minigame. Wonder if that's somewhere on the list. If not, I might add it lol.

  23. I love your music reactions! I know you did a Neo:TWEWY song. I'd love to see you react to "Unpainted" from that game. It's my favorite.

  24. I'd love to See your playthrough of XIV and your take on stories in combination with the soundtrack <3 great reaction as always!

  25. Jesse: I don't know how FF8 fanboys have such a falling down on the job by asking to to review every song EXCEPT "EYES ON ME." This song made me emotionally cry when I was 11. Before that I ever cried unless if my fruit snacks were stolen or I get bet up by assholes at the bus stop.

  26. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but worth noting that almost every zone in FFXIV has a unique theme a track to it… and almost all of them have a respective piano counterpart that plays during the night in-game. Easily one of my favorite features is just seeing the sun set and that piano version of the day theme start drifting in as the sky fills with stars.

  27. If you finished FF7Remake, you should go back and play original FF7 (it's available on basically everything now, including Switch).

    Both for the original version of the story, and the music.

  28. The story of a land, conquered by the enemy nation after killing many people, enslaving the orphans.
    One of those "enemy" (which since joined our side) really tried to take care of the orphans behind the scenes, as his intent was to bring peace through the war, accepting some of the required "collateral damages" to do what he, at that time, thought was the best way to move forward towards a unified world.
    Some of those orphans came up with a grand plan to destroy the enemy from the inside, and then failed and sacrificed one after the other, in front of the eyes of the one they called 'father'.

    An extremely sad side story, really.

  29. The scene this intro music is actually set to is horrifying and so sad. It is a completely destroyed city populated by death. Everyone gone, men, women and children all dead. It is simply heartbreaking to stand with this music playing and see the scene. It is the destruction of Garlemald. The view in the video is from a completely different city.

  30. Any of the weapon themes would be associated as the “boss fight” music for this area. Emerald is my personal favorite. That fight was….special.

    I’m just waiting for the day you listen to Flow. Soken is such a master at making music and I’m so thankful he’s been able to still do it with everything happening. You should react to him performing the Rak’Tika theme. It’s really good.

    Another great one that’s underrated is A Thousand Faces.

  31. For some tonal whiplash maybe try Pa-Paya from FFXIV. Also I think my last favorite song in the game is the original Garlean Empire theme (which ironically, the song you just listened to is a remix for). The original is just such generic Bad Guy music that it made me roll my eyes a bit when I first heard it

  32. "why is it so somber sounding"
    …. oh man …… I thought the twisted dissonance might give away that it's not as peaceful looking/sounding as it seems
    it's one of the more sad stories of FF, where there's no "good" ending

  33. "So this is why millions of people play this game"

    Yeah, pretty much. Soken is a literal god.

  34. I think you will like Prince of Persia.
    "Military aggression" might be a good start

  35. Without too much spoiling, it's basically the plot to Evangelion but without the world threatening side of things.

  36. If I can suggest there is raid boss song called ‘astalgia of phantasm ‘ in game ‘lost ark’ hope you can react to this one at some point.

  37. dudeeee that OST of gunbound you had in the background has me soooo deep in nostalgia

  38. got to react to this same song but with lyrics

  39. You should listen to the song with me from sonic and the black knight. Honestly you should listen to a lot of sonic songs from the game

  40. A lot of love given to FFXIV, wondering if you'll branch out to others in the series?
    Waiting for FF Fans to vote FFIV's Theme of Love (Tsuki no Akari) – there's JP and also a good French Cover, or
    Dragon Quest fans to vote for the orchestral version of "My Road, My Journey" (Kono Michi, Waga Tabi)

  41. I hope Ace Combat gets the same treatment as FF franchise at some point. This is like 30th song from FF…

  42. God, the questline where this song appears absolutely DESTROYED me emotionally for a while. The somber music complements the story excellently.

  43. You MUST react to the new FFXIV song "in the balance" please =)
    Its the new raid alliance theme so spoilers for those who havent done it but its the trailer song for 6.1 as well

  44. You really should just play the game at this point 😀

  45. We need you to listen to "Close in the Distance", "In the balance" and "Flow" from FFXIV. They're all complete bangers.

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