Reacting To Video Game Music! | The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Partners - The Game Is Afoot! -

Reacting To Video Game Music! | The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Partners – The Game Is Afoot!

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  1. Ah yes, A track from the best Ace Attorney game in the next Ace Attorney duology.

  2. I adore this song so much I'm super excited to see you listen to it!!

  3. YEAH! The song I have been annoying you so much to hear haha!
    This, is Sherlock Holmes (Named Herlock Sholmes outside Japan for copyright reasons) Theater of Logic and Reasoning theme completed, why is this completed? Because you get to hear his partner part of it (Hence the "Partners" prefix), the tap dancing, better yet, you actually see the taps ingame and yes, it's amazing!
    Edit: In a way you aren't wrong per se, this game is set in London and Tokyo at the height of Industrialization of London, so ya know.
    And yeah, I love this visual novel series, it's not only incredible in logic it's got some very dumb moments that make me laugh hard, tho The Great Ace Attorney 1+2 in specific are my favorite because they lean heavily on logic and less fantasy

  4. The tap dancing is also reflected in-game. And is not France but 19th century's London, but you were close.

  5. You should listen to Rhulk, The First Disciple boss fight theme from destiny 2

  6. You asked what makes Ace Attorney. I think it must be the combined package: great characters, funny dialogue, dramatic storylines, awesome soundtrack (which is true for all the games even if they often have different composers from each other – sort of like Final Fantasy these recent decades).

  7. There was tap dancing and castanets too.

  8. This is not actually the original version of the song, this is a special arrangement/remix of the original song heard in game. Quite good, but not quite ever heard like this in game.

  9. I loved the music in this game a lot because it really reminds me of Professor Layton music. Unfortunately got distracted by some other release and stopped playing it at the start of case 4. I am totally going back to play the rest of this now that I'm trying to figure out what to play after beating Danganronpa V3. Feeling that visual novel mood right now.

  10. so happy to see my all-time favorite game (and one of my favorite OSTs) pop up on the channel!! honestly more music needs tap dancing as percussion. the moment in the second TGAA game when a certain character starts tap dancing in the scene as this song kicks in is one of the most memorable moments tbh.

  11. its tap dancing! we wont explain why but… this is honestly my favorite ace attorney track ever. the situation it plays in made me tear up.

  12. Ah yes, the song of Sherlock Hol-I mean Herlock Sholmes <redacted cause spoilers>

    It was awesome

  13. Gonna need Ace Attorney's help because it's criminal that he hasn't listened to music from Killing Floor 2 yet lol. Metal as metal can be right there

  14. fun fact: the person who composed this piece wasn't the person that composed for the main line series but the person who composed for Professor Layton series.

  15. Music-wise, this duology is definitely my favourite of the series.
    …wait. Everything about this duology is my favourite of the series 😂

  16. If I had to choose, I think I'd say that the characters is really what makes Ace Attorney what it is, but really it's the complete package that makes every game into a marvelous experience, characters, music, dialogue, settings, and mysteries I think there's rarely any game where any of these lag behind the rest

    As for this track, it's the theme song of a certain great detective and his partner, they're incredibly showy and present their deductions in the form of a dance, of course one of them is the tap dancer in question, probably the hypest shit ever put to a video game unironically.

  17. The name of the track is the game is afoot and they used feet as an instrument

  18. The reason this sounds too good to be bgm is because it isn't. A track of the same title plays in the game and it's awesome. But what you listened to is an official remix that was produced in celebration of the Chronicles collection and is only actually featured in the music gallery in the main menu.

    Anyway, it's a great remix and still carries the same vibe as the original, which was one of the most hype themes in the game.

  19. You should absolutely react to some of the songs in Team Fortress 2s soundtrack, its some of the best VGM I've listened to.

    I would recommend it all, but the best of the 30 song are:

    More gun – Song used in "meet the engineer". Absolutely awesome guitar, need i say more

    A little heart to heart – Beginning of "meet the medic". listen to before "Medic!"

    Medic! – Best song valve has made, no questions asked

    Intruder alert – Intro of "meet the spy". Captures the essence of TF2s music

    The calm – Listen to before "Robots!"

    Robots! – starts off robotic, and slowly turns more and more organic

    Red bread – listen to in order from this to "rise of the living bread" (if possible that is)

    Dapper cadaver

    Seduce Me!

    Three days to live

    Rise of the living bread

    and yes i will keep commenting this until it gets noticed (5)

  20. It is so interesting what people request for Ace Attorney. I would expect only Objection and Pursuit themes since I feel they are the strongest.

  21. I think the term u were looking for is victorian couse of its setting.
    The game itself is something of a prequel to the original series where u play a japanese law student who after clearing his name of a murder accusation(the tutorial lol!) goes to England to learn modern law and run into Herlock Sholmes(yes that guy) among other interesting characters.
    Its story is really good, u should give it a go if u want a relaxing game with a serious theme but also alot of comedy in it.

  22. The prequel where Phoenix Wright's ancestor meets Sherlock Holmes in Great Britain and they solve cases together. Sholmes always foes a so called "Dance of Deduction", essentially drawing huge deductions while energetically moving around the room. It's by the end of the game, when Holmes reunites with his old partner, that we see his oartners counterpart to this dance, and that's when we hear this tune for the first time. That's also why two sets of tapdancing can be heard, it's a duet between the two.

    There is tapdancing all over the Soundtrack actually, although it's never as blatant as in this song.

  23. I have a feeling you would really get a kick out of the entire soundtrack for "Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" for the Nintendo 3DS. It's just that good. Every song on it is fantastic.

  24. I finished playing this game a month ago and it was truly awesome. Favorite ace attorney game ever and the soundtrack is just damn amazing

  25. Ace Attorney is a diverse state of good vibes, it's hard not to like some aspect of any of the games. The moment this track (a version of it) is great, the building to the moment makes the payoff fantastic and the music compliments the moment.

  26. Can you react to Lost Ark OST : Dawn of Arkesia or Abreshuld Legion raid theme? 😇

  27. this is actually the arrangement of Partners, which is my personal preferred version of the theme

  28. This game in particulars soundtrack has certain things like the tap dancing, alongside other ‘non-instrument’ additions like a glass resonating in another track, that just really help you get immersed in the game and its world. None of the songs are explicitly playing in-universe (barring one), but you can entirely believe that either the characters are hearing what you are in their heads, or that the tracks convey the mood of any given situation nearly perfectly.

  29. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a masterpiece and has incredible music. I think it's a great introduction to the series but I personally think the mysteries are so good that they make games 1 through 3 look less spectacular.

  30. Ace Attorney is a series that is defined by the characters and the stories they go through, combined with a very strong sense of wanting to do the right thing. And it is at its best when the right thing is in a grey area. It's incredible.

  31. Anyone think he should listen to Destiny 2 soundtracks?

  32. I'd recommend checking out great Ace Attorney chronicles at some point (there's a lot to break down in the music) and then if you're interested, exploring the rest of the series

  33. for clarification, this is not the version that plays in-game, but a special arrangement they put in the extras

    that being said, the original version slaps too

  34. man that song was so awsome, and yeah that was tap dancing, might I also recommend you react to Quatera woods from YS 6, really love that game and the OST.

  35. here are some songs that i would like to see you react to:
    Guilty Gear Strive: Find your one Way and Armor-Clad Faith
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: City Escape, Live and Learn, Final Rush and Green Forest
    Warframe: We all lift Together
    Borderlands 2: Bloodshot Ramparts Combat
    I hope you would look into at least one of these listed above.

  36. TLDR on the Great Ace Attorney: you play as the ancestor to Phoenix Wright, Rynosuke Naruhodo, a Japanese Exchange Student sent to Britian to learn law and how to be a lawyer. You encounter Sherlock Holmes (*cough* Herlock Sholems I mean due to localization issues *cough*), who he ends up living with and having him help solve mysteries related to Rynosuke's cases. This game is the most recent game in the series (originally 2 games but for the internation release they combined both into 1 game), and really shows in all factors, the music is fantastic, the character designs and animations are fantastic, the story both of individual characters and overall is fantastic. The only sad part is that cause of how good it is in comparison to the older games I'm not too sure how Capcom will proceed with another one as kinda feels like they topped themselves with GAA. (Not that the older games are bad, but simply that GAA is the cultimation of the company learning over the years and the freedom of something not directly related to Phoenix helped them alot with making it stand out alot more, and am not sure where they will go from here).

  37. Slightly unrelated but I’d love to recommend Eggmanland (Day) from Sonic Unleashed 🙂

  38. Ace Attorney is a series on my list which I consider an experience beautiful enough to "experience again for the first time". Of course I can never truly experience the game for the first time AGAIN, but boy if I could…
    I think the only game I dislike in the entire series is the 2nd one, 'Justice for All' which might be a controversial opinion since it's part of the original trilogy but all the characters involved are still a special place in my heart, regardless.

    It sometimes doesn't feel fair to describe the series as a "Visual Novel" because whilst it's true and there sure is a hell of a lot of reading, and minimal "gameplay", it's hard to describe how literally no other VN is capable of capturing 100% of my attention and retaining it with so much life and energy through every sentence and sprite animation.

    I will say, I think half of it was a happy accident. In the gaming community, I'd say when things are "localised", a lot of people tend to heavily dislike it to the point that we will rejoice if we can get something that's practically identical to the original JP version.
    Ace Attorney is one case where thanks to specifically how the original trilogy was localised, a lot of western fans have ingrained that as part of the identity of the series, able to make jokes and craft new lore from something that's simply trying to adpat itself to make a certain sense.
    I think if in today's gaming climate, if the Ace Attorney Trilogy released for the first ever time here in 2022+, I think it'd be translated much closer to the JP version of the games, and build a decent little fanbase. However, I truly don't believe the community would be the same neither as LARGE as it is today thanks to the decisions made back then. It was just different times, and all I can say is that I'm so happy to be an Ace Attorney fan today.

  39. "Pointing is a big thing in this series"

    Not inaccurate!

  40. Your videos are super cool. I like your reactions. I would suggest you to react to some rock soundtracks of Call of Duty Zombies.

  41. I think the most evil thing a man could do rn is request him one of Nahyuta, Klavier, or Blackquil's themes
    He'd be so incredibly confused to the range of genres this game can bring

  42. I don't think you've listened to any touhou tracks have you? I'd suggest Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion. Probs my favourite video game music of all time

  43. Hi jesse i love your channel. You have such a warm soul and watch you playing my favorite game of all time ff7 makes me so happy! I'm from switzerland and my brother is a composer for videogames. Can you please react to my favorite song of him? Its called your contract has expired from the game a hat in time. Would love to see it 🙂 thx for your great content!

  44. Does he ever do or could he ever react to music that is not from games, like a series?
    I would like if he was to hear Braveheart and Break up from digimon adventure

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