Record your game and music audio separately in Streamlabs & OBS! -

Record your game and music audio separately in Streamlabs & OBS!

Alex Macaulay
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A quick tutorial of how to have separate audio tracks for separate audio sources in Streamlabs OBS and OBS.

I mainly use this for splitting my game audio and music audio for post processing, which means that I can listen to whatever I want on stream and then on YouTube I can use specific music.

I am sure there are a million other uses to this as well so feel free to comment below or tweet me with your uses!

If you have any questions or problems, drop a comment below and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can!


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I love feedback so please feel free to give me your honest feedback, I want to constantly be improving and I would truly appreciate it!

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  1. why do i keep getting a audio render error on this video when I switched a1 to my headset

  2. Im Using the Steinberg u22 MkII and when im chainging in windows to Voicemeeter Imput sound is realy ugly need help pls

  3. Hi I tried everything and it’s so good, but only one thing can’t be completed, OBS just don’t record my microphone, can u help me? Thank u 😊 🙏

  4. It works, but it doesn't record my discord audio if i try to edited the audio it doesn't record other peoples voices on discord how can i fix that?

  5. So I did everything you said in the video, but when I get to the audio section at 4:34, only VoiceMeeter Aux Input appears, and not the VoiceMeeter input. Did I mess something up with voicemeetering?

  6. Finally a video which simple and works… but inhave a small issue … game audio is not audible through.. what's the fix ?

  7. so i need help this worked fine but now i cant hear the music my self through my head phones?

  8. it all worked but is a lot quieter, did i set something up wrong?

  9. I think I already know the answer to this question but. when I stream I like to play music in the background for my viewers to listen to. But I'm guessing it's not possible to record just your gameplay audio and not the music from google chrome while at the same time stream with music so that the viewers can hear? Hopefully that made sense….

  10. it all funneled my sounds and the software gave me a virus

  11. Would you know how to play the music so the stream can hear it but you don't have to? Thanks for the great video!

  12. did anybody have trouble with it going robot and not coming back

  13. Instead of showing it fully done, why not start fresh? Can't get past step 1 cause UI is completely different from what is shown.

  14. Thank you so much for this! I just built my gaming pc yesterday and was struggling to figure out how to separate audio as it was so easy when i was streaming with an elgato from console lol!

  15. I'm noticing some audio delay from my game when using this method, is anyone else experiencing this? and if so, is there any way to stop it?

  16. Is it normal for it to still just create one file? I was expecting to get the 4-5 files separate but I didn't?

  17. This is so frustrating, I have just now set everything up so NDI sends the audio separate so the stream will get the sound but I have no way to choose these NDI sources as channel audio devices so now I am screwed again. I mean these programs do seem so silly at times like they are not close to being finished for professional use. Audio routing must work and it doesn't, at least not when using dual Pc and NDI, probably another long boring workaround that I am not interested in. I gave it 3 days fulltime watching like 15 videos and reading 10 or so sites about this and NOTHING, no one knows how to route this shit. I'm exhausted as usual trying to sort out PC problems and eventually just finding a bottleneck I can't even get past in the end. Do you have any clueon how this could be solved? I can only choose the streaming Pc's channel devices in audio settings when I actually need to choose the incoming NDI channels audio devices/audio stream.

    Very nice video by you actually it just didn't take me the whole way but very far indeed. I am just frustrated with everything surrounding this, the cryptic solutions, the hush hush and no one knows.

  18. Thanks for this it helped me so much thank you

  19. followed all these steps but Adobe Premiere elements just doesn't want to seperate audio

  20. why i can't here anything when i change in to voice meter

  21. Thank you, I spent 1 hour trying to figure this out!

    Edit: Took me less than 10 minutes when I followed this video's step.


  23. I can seperate them if I record it, but I can't hear it while recording.

  24. so this means voicemeter banana has to be up and running at all times for me to be able to listen to any audio at all on my computer? is there anyway to minimize the program into a smaller background process if i find it annoying to have it on the side at all times?

  25. It works fine until I make Spotify or another app as the second input and I can’t hear it

  26. thank you very very much! after hours of other tutorials i finally found the right one. straight to the point and everythings clear. now i can separate my discord audio from the game audio, finally. ^_^

  27. i know its years later, but it is kinda hard to hear you with the girl singing in the background, or more distracting i guess is a better term.

  28. I'm still having trouble. I was wanting to use this so I could talk on Discord without Streamlabs recording the conversation on top of the footage. I figured since it all came out of "Desktop Audio" this solution would work, just substitute [music player] with Discord. But now I get no game audio unless I leave Voicemeeter open. And THAT would be fine, except the audio has a noticeable delay compared to before. So I either have to go with no game audio or delayed game audio, neither of which is gonna work for me.

  29. This is sooooooo helpful! ty ty ty ty ty ty!!

  30. so i got it to work but every like 3 or 4 seconds the audio "skips" or cuts out for a split second. Do you know why that would happen or how to fix it? either way this is a banger tutorial man <3

  31. I have one question, is there anyway to keep the audio tracks separated but also hear the music through your headset?

  32. When i open voicemeeter i cant hear anything and youtube doesnt allow me to watch videos like it just deletes sound from my computer can anybody help?

  33. Thank you so much this was massive brother 🙂

  34. Why is it always, when a problem is found, instead of having an In program solution, always have to download a third party program.

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