Relaxing horror game ambience and music | Vol.2 -

Relaxing horror game ambience and music | Vol.2

Crow Creative
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Lost In Vivo, Silent Hill, Cry of Fear, Little Nightmares, Resident Evil.

Lost In Vivo :
Approaching the Storm (no storm/ending version) 00:09
Dreaming 03:45
Bulimic 05:17
Lonely Ivory 09:40
Erosive Movements 11:23
A Little Piece of Heaven 15:28
Title Screen 18:18

Silent Hill :
Deeply Disturbed (SH0) 21:53
Memory of the Waters (SH3) 26:15
Still More Mysteries (SH0) 29:29
Greenfield Apartment/The Story Begins (SH0) 32:26
Woods Explore 2/Hibernation (SHSM) 34:22
Forest (SH2) 36:42
Two Evils (SH4) 38:25
Sun/No Excuses (SH3) 40:28

Cry of Fear :
Conclusion 41:47
Crow 43:27
I don’t want to exist 47:14
Kirkville 49:15
First Station 55:41

Little Nightmares :
Little Lost Things (LN) 57:59
True Colours (LN2) 59:22
Little Nightmares II (LN2) 01:02:43
Togetherness I (LN2) 01:05:18
Togetherness II (LN2) 01:09:26

Resident Evil :
Serenity (RE4) 01:11:00
Saveroom (RE7B) 01:12:23
Sigh of Relief (RE:REMAKE) 01:16:52
Save Theme (RE4) 01:19:57
Safe Heaven (RE:REMAKE) 01:20:56
Assignment Ada (RE4) 01:24:04
Ada’s Theme (RE2) 01:26:55

Lost In Vivo :
Into the Mine 01:28:15


Credits :
Lost In Vivo composers :


Silent Hill composer :

Cry of Fear composer :

Little Nightmares composer :

Resident Evil composer :
There are too many for me to fully link every website they are on, so this is an abridged credit section.
Akiyuki Morimoto
Misao Senbongi
Shusaku Uchiyama
Masami Ueda


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  1. very good!

    What a treat to wake up to

    These videos are SO incredibly high quality and they just keep improving somehow,

    keep em coming

    hails from drauglur from germany

  2. In my opinion relaxing music actually amplifies the horror aspect because it would lead you into a false sense of security, only for the thing trying to get you to pop out and attack you

  3. You know the world is in a bad way when horror music of 10 year old games is relaxing to people today.

  4. Safe Heaven gives me shivers every time. such an amazing track, what I would consider thematically perfect.

  5. Начало похоже на игру сталкер в главном меню🤌🤌🤌

  6. Bro little nightmares has one of the best sound tracks and I just in general adore that game

  7. Damn as soon as i started this playlist the first song seemed very familiar to me, it sounds just like the song that plays when Light dies in death note

  8. Tip: Play this video and add another video of rain sounds in the backround.
    You welcome.

  9. Great playlist

    P.S Omori also has calm music

  10. I really wanted this image for the Wallpaper Engine 🥺

  11. I chose to leave the dog behind in “lost in vivo” holy fuck that game was genuinely scary for me. I have a fear of everything being normal but at the same time something is COMPLETELY off and that’s what lost in vivo was for me.

  12. To anybody who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life

  13. please use Visage OSTs, these are so good and i find them ilegally underrated!

  14. bro if i was in a resident evil game i would honestly be breakdancing fr 1:24:19

  15. thank you for making this. The feeling of solace and eeriness that exudes from these songs is something i didn't know i needed.

  16. pov: you are playing a video game but you got distracted by the background effects

  17. Cry of Fear has always been my favorite horror game of all time, I'm very glad to see it here. Great job as always Crow.

  18. is it possible to use these as background music for my film? it's for my exams and I'm not sure whether it's okay or not ;-;

  19. I think what we find so relaxing about these songs is the context in which we hear them. When you're slogging through whatever terrifying things the game can throw at you, dreading what's behind every door and around every corner, fighting monsters and your own dwindling resources, these songs come on at moments of safety. A save room, a cutscene, any rare area where things aren't trying to kill you. They represent pauses in the action where we can catch our breath, collect ourselves, and summon the courage to go back out there again.

  20. I walk a path of darkness, pain and madness with no end. I've seen the gates of hell and I fear I've never truly escaped hell. I feel like I am still living in it even though I'm on earth. You don't have to be crazy to live in this world. But being insane sure helps. 11:34

  21. These videos compile some really great songs from a lot of cool games! I actually discovered Lost in Vivo through this video a while back, and it's probably one of my favourite games now.

  22. I too, love crows and horror game music, therefore, I love you.

  23. Makes me feel anxious, trapped, nostalgic.. but also puts me into deep thought or a fantasy world. Thankfully it's only fantasy because it's depressing 😅

  24. To the person reading this message.. don't worry.. the pain you're feeling is temporary, close your eyes and remember tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start! Take deep breathes, your gonna be alright! I promise💫 Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, peace, and abundance! Namaste!!❤

  25. woke up to this at around 1.50am after dreaming about very nightmarishly intense yet calm aspects

  26. Thank you this compilation of music is perfect ❤

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