Relaxing Video Game Music for 3 Hours (Vol. 1) -

Relaxing Video Game Music for 3 Hours (Vol. 1)

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3 hour compilation of chill VGM.
0:00 Child of Light – Aurora’s Theme — Béatrice Martin
3:30 Legend of Kartia – REBUS (Holy Woman) — Kenichi Tsuchiya, Masaki Kurokawa
5:25 Radical Dreamers – Days of Summer — Yasunori Mitsuda
7:59 Lost Odyssey – Great Ruins of the East — Nobuo Uematsu
10:19 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – Dreaming of Twilight — Kumi Tanioka
14:13 Pikmin – The Forest of Hope — Hajime Wakai
19:55 Rayman Legends – When the Wind Blows — Christophe Héral, Billy Martin
23:03 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Forest Haven — Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo
25:17 Tales of Vesperia – Serenade of the Morning Star — Motoi Sakuraba, Hibiki Aoyama
30:24 Final Fantasy X – Spiran Scenery — Nobuo Uematsu
33:14 Mother – Mother Earth — Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka
37:03 Animal Crossing – 5PM — Kazumi Totaka
39:24 Kirby’s Return to Dream Land – Nutty Noon — Jun Ishikawa, Hirokazu Ando
42:49 Halo – A Walk in the Woods — Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori
44:43 Aquaria – The Traveller — Alec Holowka
48:23 The Last Story – Timbre of the City — Nobuo Uematsu
52:47 NieR – His Dream — Keiichi Okabe, Kakeru Ishihama, Keigo Hoashi, Takafumi Nishimura
54:45 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Peaceful Waters — Jeremy Soule
57:55 Primal – Jen Meets Arella — Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold
1:02:49 Fable – Summer Fields — Russell Shaw
1:06:51 Blue Dragon – Ruins — Nobuo Uematsu
1:10:44 Dark Cloud – Norune Village — Tomohito Nishiura
1:13:22 Metal Gear Solid 3 – Old Metal Gear — ‘Starry.K’
1:17:51 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Deep Keep — David Wise
1:22:32 A Boy and His Blob – Subterra — Daniel Sadowski
1:25:17 Xenoblade Chronicles – Satorl, the Shimmering Marsh / Night — Manami Kiyota
1:28:38 Final Fantasy VI – Awakening — Nobuo Uematsu
1:31:03 Okami – Hanasaki Valley — Masami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi
1:33:09 Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time — Yasunori Mitsuda
1:36:13 Radiant Historia – The Melody Connecting the World — Yoko Shimomura
1:38:00 Xenosaga Episode II – Old Militia — Yuki Kajiura, Shinji Hosoe
1:41:29 Gitaroo Man – The Legendary Theme (Acoustic Version) — COIL
1:44:08 Final Fantasy X – Thunder Plains — Masashi Hamauzu
1:47:54 Irisu Syndrome! – Usagi Note — Takeaki Watanabe
1:52:03 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Zora’s Domain — Koji Kondo
1:54:57 Donkey Kong Country 2 – In A Snow-Bound Land — David Wise
1:58:15 Alundra – The Use of Meia — Kohei Tanaka
2:02:22 Trine – Astral Academy — Ari Pulkkinen
2:06:29 The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – Papuchia Village — Toru Minegishi, Manaka Tominaga
2:08:52 Doshin the Giant – Yellow Giant — Tatsuhiko Asano
2:11:31 Ecco the Dolphin [Sega CD] – Home Bay — Spencer Nilsen
2:15:05 Opoona – The Village Without Memories — Noriyuki Kamikura
2:19:07 Kingdom Hearts II – The Afternoon Streets — Yoko Shimomura
2:22:06 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Hyrule Field (Night) — Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ohta, Koji Kondo
2:24:01 Machinarium – The Glasshouse With Butterfly — Tomas Dvorak
2:27:32 The 3rd Birthday – Angel’s Time — Tsuyoshi Sekito
2:29:30 Mass Effect – Uncharted Worlds — Jack Wall, Sam Hulick
2:32:55 Infinite Undiscovery – Forbidden Ground — Motoi Sakuraba
2:36:51 Final Fantasy VIII – Balamb Garden — Nobuo Uematsu
2:40:25 Etrian Odyssey Untold – Labyrinth IV – The Withered Forest — Yuzo Koshiro
2:44:49 Heimdall 2 – To Die — Martin Iveson
2:47:53 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – King and Country — Jeremy Soule
2:51:59 Pilotwings 64 – Birdman — Dan Hess
2:55:37 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Current Capers ~ Aquatic Ambiance — David Wise
3:00:31 Final Fantasy IX – Esto Gaza — Nobuo Uematsu

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  1. Sorry! My Youtube channel is different. I love it though!

  2. Fruddle's work was a major inspiration for me, so hopefully you'll enjoy my OST compilations over at Game OST Galore!

    I create relaxing and upbeat compilations combining classics and recent games. Always just under an hour, I limit the video's to one song from a franchise; so not seven Final Fantasy tracks in a row – as good as they are 🙂

    As Youtube buries small channels, here's a shout out in hope to get some new followers and support, but mostly to let more people enjoy the best Game OST's out there!

  3. This is suprisinly good for studying. I have anxiety, so concentrating to read big texts in my computer is a great chalenge. This relaxes me and makes it easier. Thanks!

  4. Fucking Birdman. That should be on EVERY relaxing music mix. Glad to see it here 🥰💜

  5. 1:47:58 noooo not irisu syndrome… GREAT soundtrack but incredibly depressing game. it fits really well into this mix if you don't know the context.

    otherwise, great mix. the only other song i had to skip was from Metal Gear, not because it's a bad song either but it felt too jazzy/peppy to be in this mix.

  6. I’m high af and I want to travel into video game world fantasies

  7. A demonstration of wasted resources and why humanity really needs to hurry up and go extinct.

  8. bro imagine being one of the 500 people who disliked this video… how?

  9. When Forest Haven came on I instaintly recognized it. At that point, I had to give a like. Compilations like these are neat because you get to hear fun tracks from games you haven't played or even heard of, and then occasionally you recognize a good one. Nice work on the timestamps too. It's really cool that you included the credits.

  10. Amazing how many ads there are in these videos now what trash.

  11. They make some good music currently, but going back to classics like this is something else. I love relaxing to some classic video game music at work. Makes it so much easier to focus and think when my mind isn't solely focused on work all day.

  12. YEAHHHHH PIKMINS ON THE LIST🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏

  13. Dunno if they're in later but: Lost Magic has some chill toons.

  14. Finally a chill one my g all the normal gaming tracks be like electric madness lol

  15. The entire playlist is gold. I am very partial to that relaxed Metal Gear Solid song though, it's fantastic! Where does it come from? I could listen to this on loop while sipping a cold beer in front of the beach under the moonlight

  16. Ah yes child of light auroras theme 😌

  17. Thanks for this, it has seen me through some… interesting times

  18. I need relaxing music for my online therapy sessions. Thanks so much!

  19. this is very chill and calming for background music for any type of vibe you are looking for. just want to chill and just rest your head or trying to do work or just want background music while chatting online or any other things this is good for thoes

  20. Before you ignore this, remember that everyone started from somewhere. Hello I'm Khari, Im a lover of all Bossa Nova, Hiphop, Rock, and the beautiful jazz. For years I wanted to be a musician but fear always made me say "My time is too late, I missed my shot" so at 26 I became fed up with the day to day, moved to rural japan/Korea 🎎🗻 and started putting out music.
    My best friend and I used to train martial arts to "Missing You", from Maplestory 🍁. And It made me fall in love with the music. So I will be doing a live Freestyle Saturday show, where I'll be freestyling to Maplestory instrumentals! Then afterwards, I will let the audience pick the instrumentals, and give me things to rhyme with! 🙏🍁 It's my birthday! So let's have a ball together! 🥳

  21. 1:22:32 omg thank you for putting this song in comp. I love this 🎮 game. ps. I am on the last boss so wish me luck

  22. Legend of Kartia!!! So nice to see this getting some recognition!


  24. i've never played the games on this video.
    but idk why it feels nostalgic when listening to the songs

  25. An abundance of Japanese composers on this list – much respect to the japanese game industry for supplying the world with amazing experiences and memories.

  26. Man I got hit with the feels as soon as I heard child of light’s ost, used to play that all the time :]

  27. Listening to this while vibing in new world! 😃

  28. Currently using this music, pretending Im my sisters therapist, because we're play super smash and it gets a little intense.

    My sister just attacked me irl.

  29. When you see child of light you know it’s gonna be good

  30. Thanks for putting more eyes on Chil of Light.

  31. really great collection! just my taste, thank you very much

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