Relaxing Video Game Music for 3 Hours (Vol. 7) -

Relaxing Video Game Music for 3 Hours (Vol. 7)

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3 hour compilation relaxing game music.
0:00 Etrian Odyssey V – Labyrinth II – Shrine Road of Monoliths — Yuzo Koshiro
6:07 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Ancient Stones — Jeremy Soule
10:50 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Rito Village (Day) — Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata
16:02 Unravel – First Steps — Frida Johansson, Henrik Oja
20:18 Final Fantasy X – Silence Before the Storm — Nobuo Uematsu
26:16 Knytt Underground – Scales of Zordium — D Fast
29:11 MapleStory – Moonlight Shadow — CODASOUND
31:50 Paper Mario – Sad Sun — Yuka Tsujiyoko, Taishi Senda
35:35 Hollow Knight – Greenpath — Christopher Larkin
39:13 Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Through the Trees — Jake Kaufman
43:00 Guardian’s Crusade – Cave of Fear — Tamsoft Sound Team
46:28 Polymer – Polymer — Whitaker Trebella
51:04 Uru: Ages Beyond Myst – Yeesha’s Theme — Tim Larkin
54:52 Donkey Kong Country – Life in the Mines — David Wise
59:16 Deep Labyrinth – Maiden of the Crystal — Yasunori Mitsuda
1:02:25 Lost Eden – Lost Eden Theme — Stéphane Picq
1:06:24 Suikoden V – One Peaceful Moment — Norikazu Miura, Miki Higashino
1:09:46 Growlanser VI – Words Riding on the Wind — Kenichi Tsuchiya, Eisuke Seki, Atsushi Kitajoh
1:12:56 FTL: Faster Than Light – Rockmen (Explore) — Ben Prunty
1:16:27 Star Ocean: First Departure – Both Sides’ Case – Motoi Sakuraba
1:20:03 Stranger of Sword City – Marilith’s Kingdom — Naoaki Jimbo
1:23:16 Okamiden – Hana Valley — Rei Kondoh
1:27:01 Kameo: Elements of Power – Forest Glade — Steve Burke
1:32:10 Final Fantasy VIII – Fisherman’s Horizon — Nobuo Uematsu
1:36:17 Brave Frontier – Where the Rain Falls — Hikoshi Hashimoto
1:39:34 Legend of Mana – Nostalgic Song — Yoko Shimomura
1:43:06 Sonic 3D Blast – Rusty Ruin Act I — Richard Jacques
1:47:16 Tales of Vesperia – Beyond the Mirage — Motoi Sakuraba, Hibiki Aoyama
1:51:12 Halo – Under Cover of Night — Martin O’Donnell, Michael Salvatori
1:54:53 Shadow Warrior – Thunder Winds — Lee Jackson
1:58:52 Shadow Hearts – Coffee with Bullet — Yoshitaka Hirota
2:03:21 Final Fantasy X-2 – Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ — Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
2:05:58 Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked – Otome no Sugata, Shibashi Todomemu — Masafumi Takada
2:10:21 I am Setsuna – The enchanted sanctuary — Tomoki Miyoshi
2:14:07 Panzer Dragoon – Main Title (Synthesizer Version) — Yoshitaka Azuma
2:17:16 Final Fantasy III – The Boundless Ocean — Nobuo Uematsu
2:20:32 Shadow of the Colossus – The Farthest Land — Kow Otani
2:23:55 Asura’s Wrath – Visit — Chikayo Fukuda
2:27:56 Fable II – Bowerlake — Russell Shaw
2:34:17 Okami – Theme of the Celestials — Rei Kondoh
2:38:29 Seiken Densetsu 3 — Hope Isolation Pray — Hiroki Kikuta
2:42:02 Chrono Cross – The Girl Who Stole the Stars — Yasunori Mitsuda
2:45:48 Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – Rust Color — Motoi Sakuraba
2:49:52 Planet Coaster – And So We See The Truth & The Beauty — Jim Guthrie, JJ Ipsen
2:54:41 Klonoa: Door to Phantomile – Untamed Heart — Eriko Imura

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  1. Used this for studying, ended up playing rpg games.

  2. That first song makes me want to play Etrian Odyssey 😀

  3. Polymer took me by surprise. Dang that song is sweet .

  4. Nice, very nice. Very relax..efdpmpwomweddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  5. sotc, chrono cross, botw, hollow knight…. and BRAVE FRONTIER?!?!?!! this playlist is exquisite, good freaking job

  6. I was somewhat surprised when any of the songs from the Minecraft soundtrack didn't pop up in this, but hey its still a good playlist!

  7. Random youtube recommendation brought me here and I'm super happy to see OST from Shadow Warrior

  8. There are many relaxing video game music compilations. This is thus far the best for me.

  9. Is there a 4k wallpaper version of the first picture in the video that someone can link please?

  10. Beautiful music, makes me want to be one of those NPC's that plays the lute in the town square and then becomes a magic weilding Bard and goes on epic adventures with his Lute, his sword, and his pack full of food, walking off in meadows during an orange sunset, trees swaying and wind blowing, the grass dancing and the local cows on their evening stroll.

  11. Sonic 3D Blast had some bangers. Nice to see some music from it made the list.

  12. I've listened to many of your mixes and they are all awesome. Also appreciate that a lot of these tracks are not common and repeats of other typical mixes out there. Thank you for making these and I'm looking forward to any of your new mixes!

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