Relaxing Video Game Music in a Cozy Room (Nintendo 64) -

Relaxing Video Game Music in a Cozy Room (Nintendo 64)

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Relaxing Nintendo 64 video game music in a cozy room to help you study and inject your brain with nostalgia.

[0:00] N64DD Boot
[0:07] Dire, Dire Docks – Super Mario 64
[3:12] Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eighth Happening – Goemon’s Great Adventure
[5:07] Title Theme – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[7:53] Watch – Goldeneye 007
[10:41] Fortune Teller II – Ogre Battle 64
[11:54] Blue Resort – Bomberman 64
[14:56] Astral Observatory – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
[16:20] Feeling of Love – Mega Man 64
[17:58] Annex-Silent Madness – Castlevania 64
[21:05] Zora’s Domain – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[23:52] Sherry’s Theme – Resident Evil 2
[27:19] DK Isle – Donkey Kong 64
[31:07] All Clear – Super Smash Bros.
[32:15] Milky – Bomberman Hero
[35:20] Blast Corps
[36:32] Piranha Plant’s Lullaby – Super Mario 64
[38:50] Select Screen – Star Fox 64
[40:44] Bonus Stage – Lode Runner
[44:21] Losing Results – Mario Kart 64
[45:59] Lost – 1080 Snowboarding
[48:08] Hut by the River – Pokemon Snap
[49:43] Hang Glider – Pilotwings 64
[52:23] Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[54:03] Quiet Forest – Kirby 64 : The Crystal Shards
[56:26] The Village – Shadowgate 64
[1:00:27] Stage Select – Bomberman 64
[1:01:12] Rainbow Palace – Bomberman 64
[1:04:09] Camera Check – Pokemon Snap
[1:11:09] On the Beach – Yoshi Story
[1:14:03] File Select – Rocket: Robot on Wheels
[1:15:40] Soothing Rhythms – Jet Force Gemini
[1:17:52] Everyone’s Born from Water – Goemon’s Great Adventure
[1:20:28] Adieux – Mischief Makers
[1:23:36] Atlantis (Lobby & Level One) – Glover
[1:28:55] Darkmoon Caverns – Diddy Kong Racing
[1:31:16] Sheik – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[1:32:18] Peaceful Mushroom Village – Mario Party
[1:33:24] Board Shop – Snowboard Kids
[1:35:21] Inside the Castle Walls – Super Mario 64
[1:37:20] Firefly Festival – Harvest Moon 64
[1:38:58] Chicago (Stealth) – Perfect Dark
[1:41:38] Koopa Cup – Mario Golf
[1:45:48] My Room – Pokemon Stadium 2
[1:47:33] Shooting Star Summit – Paper Mario
[1:49:15] Story Interlude – Magical Tetris Challenge
[1:51:19] Credits – Pokemon Stadium
[1:54:05] Clock Tower – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
[1:55:43] Ending – Star Soldier Vanishing Earth

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  1. this makes my heart swell man
    im happy to see hm included as well <3

  2. brought back so many memories, it made me cry. Thank you for giving me the wonderful memories.

  3. I can't sleep to this. Just makes me want to turn on my Nintendo Switch lol

  4. I Can't pick just 1! I love them all!!!! Thank you!

  5. I feel like michael myers is going to pop up in one of those windows any second

  6. Being allowed to play Perfect Dark, Mario Kart and Zelda: Ocarina of Time after all of my homework was done. Oh the memories. Truly the best of times. 🥺😭😭

  7. Opening the see-through Nintendo 64 for Christmas was the most exciting thing ever. Super Mario 64 was the best, Goldeneye 007 second.

  8. where on earth is Mystical ninja starring goemon – yamato?

  9. nostalgia overload. i was listening to this to focus on work but now all i want to do is drive 7 hours to my parents house, dig out my old N64, drive back home and binge some some carts

  10. Oh shit blast corps. I remember that game… I got stuck on level one…

  11. This is literally the only music i would ever need

  12. A time when everything was much simpler. To go back and temporarily relive these times without current everyday stress would be priceless.

  13. Take me back to pre trump days of Bush like bliss!!

  14. Thanks to all the unknown programmers at Nintendo for bringing fun and joy to our childhoods….. and that N64. THE system designed to play on the couch with 3 friends over. Miss that deeply.

  15. In OoT you start off as a little boy and the fairy wakes you up and you have no idea about the journey you’re about to go through and you grow up and sure you get stronger, but it gets harder just like becoming an adult and it gets harder and a great evil destroys you and (sobbing) OH GOD MY CHILDHOOD!!! 😭

  16. You are a true Genius for creating these. I am gonna fall asleep to this tonight.

  17. Bro I thought I was the only one who knew perfect dark and diddy kong racing

  18. As soon as this started playing I could smell Toys r' Us

  19. … I don't know why it seems weird that it's in a NYC high rise apartment, but it seems weird

  20. Making me weirdly crave Oreos and Wild Cherry Pepsi

  21. dude… staring with Dire, Dire Docks… couldn't be more perfect.

  22. I'm loving YouTube more and more with these relaxing compilations. They're exploring a part of maybe not just my mind (but others) that is so hard to translate in words; and somehow manage to bring it to life in the coolest way via video. Bless you @NewGamePlus and lo-fi radio "relax/study to" uploaders.

  23. You included Ogre Battle 64. I'm shocked. Favorite game on the 64 and close to favorite all time :).

  24. Nothing compare with "Aquatic Ambience" – music track from SNES Donkey Kong Country

  25. I was very young when the n64 came out, and when my parents bought one. I only played a handful of these titles, like DK64, diddy Kong racing, and a couple of times I played SM64. Sm64 was rereleased on the ds and I now have very fond memories of that game, but it’s funny that all of these tracks evoke a feeling from me. They let you feel the memory of those times, where life was simpler and easy, and the games were fun. To me, the n64 library was just filled with innocence, these games didn’t take themselves seriously and they were all masterpieces in their own right. Long love the N64 and the memories it brings back

  26. La canción de smash bros y mario kart en vez de relajarte da miedooo

  27. this reminds me of the summer nights with friends playing video games till daylight.

  28. that ocarina of time theme hits sooooooooooo hard i almost shed a tear..

  29. is that slenderman in the window on the far left 😳 bro i’m trippin

  30. NO BANJO & KAZOOIE??? …..BRUH!!!
    Still awesome though 🙂

  31. My pops used to fall asleep on the couch while I played some of these, now it's my kind of music have one or two drinks and chill.🍻

  32. I hate my friends for not showing me this video sooner

  33. What is your favorite N64 track of all time?

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