Relaxing Video Game Music in a Cozy Room (Nintendo 64) -

Relaxing Video Game Music in a Cozy Room (Nintendo 64)

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Relaxing Nintendo 64 video game music in a cozy room to help you study and inject your brain with nostalgia.

[0:00] N64DD Boot
[0:07] Dire, Dire Docks – Super Mario 64
[3:12] Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eighth Happening – Goemon’s Great Adventure
[5:07] Title Theme – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[7:53] Watch – Goldeneye 007
[10:41] Fortune Teller II – Ogre Battle 64
[11:54] Blue Resort – Bomberman 64
[14:56] Astral Observatory – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
[16:20] Feeling of Love – Mega Man 64
[17:58] Annex-Silent Madness – Castlevania 64
[21:05] Zora’s Domain – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[23:52] Sherry’s Theme – Resident Evil 2
[27:19] DK Isle – Donkey Kong 64
[31:07] All Clear – Super Smash Bros.
[32:15] Milky – Bomberman Hero
[35:20] Blast Corps
[36:32] Piranha Plant’s Lullaby – Super Mario 64
[38:50] Select Screen – Star Fox 64
[40:44] Bonus Stage – Lode Runner
[44:21] Losing Results – Mario Kart 64
[45:59] Lost – 1080 Snowboarding
[48:08] Hut by the River – Pokemon Snap
[49:43] Hang Glider – Pilotwings 64
[52:23] Princess Zelda – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[54:03] Quiet Forest – Kirby 64 : The Crystal Shards
[56:26] The Village – Shadowgate 64
[1:00:27] Stage Select – Bomberman 64
[1:01:12] Rainbow Palace – Bomberman 64
[1:04:09] Camera Check – Pokemon Snap
[1:11:09] On the Beach – Yoshi Story
[1:14:03] File Select – Rocket: Robot on Wheels
[1:15:40] Soothing Rhythms – Jet Force Gemini
[1:17:52] Everyone’s Born from Water – Goemon’s Great Adventure
[1:20:28] Adieux – Mischief Makers
[1:23:36] Atlantis (Lobby & Level One) – Glover
[1:28:55] Darkmoon Caverns – Diddy Kong Racing
[1:31:16] Sheik – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
[1:32:18] Peaceful Mushroom Village – Mario Party
[1:33:24] Board Shop – Snowboard Kids
[1:35:21] Inside the Castle Walls – Super Mario 64
[1:37:20] Firefly Festival – Harvest Moon 64
[1:38:58] Chicago (Stealth) – Perfect Dark
[1:41:38] Koopa Cup – Mario Golf
[1:45:48] My Room – Pokemon Stadium 2
[1:47:33] Shooting Star Summit – Paper Mario
[1:49:15] Story Interlude – Magical Tetris Challenge
[1:51:19] Credits – Pokemon Stadium
[1:54:05] Clock Tower – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
[1:55:43] Ending – Star Soldier Vanishing Earth

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  1. Dude I have so much to say about so much of these tracks and games so ill just say I love you for making this

  2. These are the games that defined my childhood. I almost can't watch this video because it raises such strong emotions in me, a whirlwind of memories, times both good and bad. I didn't have the easiest time growing up. But I am very, very thankful that when times got tough, I could turn on my Nintendo 64 and be comforted by my friends.

  3. Say what you want. I really miss these days. I miss these old graphics. These were the days when games were made with passion. Anytime I hear those older Zelda sound effects and music I just feel at home. Nowadays I can’t even play newer games, they just all feel the same to me.

  4. N64DD Boot Is Natheniel Bandy's Intro

  5. Zelda has the best relaxing music of them all.

  6. Starting to think i picked these games based on their music and melodies.

  7. Having a major feels attack right now.

  8. Wow the Harvest moon game on 64 was my first take on the serie and it was magical.

  9. I think we can all agree that there was something special and charming about the Nintendo 64

  10. Thats a cold desk in a cold room. Its not cozy at all. Where is the couch?

  11. The Nostalgia T.T

    I Miss having a partner that liked to cuddle and play games all night…

  12. I used to fall asleep while playing Ocarina of Time and I left it on so much that my dad gets nostalgic when he here’s the title sounds track.

  13. The into to the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time will forever hit different!

  14. So… who else looked into buying an N64 after this?

  15. Slime dollaz -War
    Piranha plant sample included

  16. Yeah… yeah this does it for me. Amazing how music can unlock memories like this.

  17. Are you paying for copyright? How do you keep the video without restrictions? Its just curious. Nice compilation!

  18. I can't imagine a life without videogames. It hurts to see how some companies are destroying them. Games like Ghost Of Tsushima give me hope. Also, I have nothing but respect for developers that work themselves into the ground under extreme and unreasonable pressure. Their work is thoroughly appreciated by me.

    Video games, for me are the best form of escapism.

  19. Blue Resort from Bomberman 64 will always hit me the hardest with nostalgia. I can just vividly remember playing it while sitting on the living room floor with some hi-c, and the light from the setting sun bleeding through the window blinds.

  20. I swear to God I clicked on this video and said “If Dire Dire Docks doesn’t start the video then they missed big”. You didn’t miss 🙌🏻

  21. These songs man! They bring me back to Toys 'R' Us waiting my turn to try the N64 kiosk for the first time. I remember the smells, the sights, the feeling of the N64 controller in my hands. The crick in my neck as I struggled to keep my head up, staring at what felt like the ceiling. The murmurs of impatience building behind me as 8 year old's discover patience. The embarrassment of casually dying as I learned how to navigate Mario in our first 3D world. That feeling of anxiety as I see my father strolling the aisles looking for me, hoping he gets lost. Leaving my sweaty hand prints on the N64 controller as I'm peeled away from the kiosk, he found me! The pain of watching someone else put their hands on my betrothed, 'we will be together one day' I whisper as she slowly fades from sight…

  22. Ah, the good old days of coming home to find your N64 missing, then finding out your older brother traded it for drugs while you were at school… Maybe those times weren't so great, actually

  23. The nintendo 64 was just a magic box I was always like:
    How does that run games in 3d?
    So realistic

  24. FYI.. I don't give no fucks about fortnite and league of legends and shit. If any one of y'all wanted to do N64 marathons I'd be just as interested as you!
    pick a game, get some food, start from level 1, trade off, talk memories. this stuff will never die to me

  25. Bro I want to play Bomberman Hero again just for the soundtrack. Very underrated

  26. I don't understand how I can feel so much longing and nostalgia for a time and era of gaming that that I wasn't alive for

  27. Very nice. Then it's over and you are like I want to go back to those days, almost 40 now ugh. Using today's language, OMJ the fuckin feelz bro!!

  28. Missing some banjo tooie and kazooie music

  29. i would love a gamecube themed video similar to this one

  30. No mystical ninja or banjo Kazooie? criminal!!

  31. Music makes me sleepy. Defiantly won’t play it in the car while driving

  32. as soon as the zelda one came on i got goosebumps.

  33. Great playlist, but no Banjo and no Conker??? Comon man

  34. You call this relaxing themes but you put in all the songs I lost to? Why you bringing back traumatic memories like that?

  35. So many fond and indelible memories. Blue Resort remains a lifelong favorite. Bomberman 64 just had the best damn soundtrack, the best sound design!

  36. Star soldier vanishing earth is my fave ost of all time!

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