Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360 2008) The best music game? - The Backlog -

Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360 2008) The best music game? – The Backlog

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We have a special relationship with this massively popular rhythm game. It was also Bob’s acting debut.

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  1. But man! Bob! Thats Dope you were in the commercial man! I feel like Ive known you half my life now. Will! Get in on stuff like that! Jump on the X-Men cast and play the role of some random guy in a comic shop as some shit goes down there xD

  2. This game was really great. It brought my family together. I was in middle school/high school during the height of Guitar Hero and Rock band so of course I was into it, but my brother and sister and even mom got into playing it all together as a band. It was a blast. The worst part was storing all the dumb ass plastic instruments in the living room. They took up so much space!

    Also.. kind of wish I had spent the hours I poured into music games into learning how to play actual guitar or something.

  3. sorta off topic but what was the name of the outro song?

  4. Yes, if you add the RB1 soundtrack (I know you lose some songs). No need to watch the video, but I will anyway.

  5. Hi internet daddies. I didnt watch last weeks backlog…oof. Well i am here and waiting for my turn in the smash tournament.

  6. Rock band 2 made me learn real drums playing on expert. One of my favorite games ever alongside Guitar hero 3.

  7. I think guitar hero 3 was the first game to add no-fail mode. But you needed to input a cheat for it so perhaps Rock band 2 was the first game to have it in the options.

  8. We all know the best music game was DJ Hero. Also, MORE BACKLOG PLZ!

  9. I remember the rock band vs guitar hero war going on at my school. Not sure how guitar hero even came close to being better than rockband haha

  10. You can get the old Rock Band games for really cheap used at GameStop and guitars on Amazon for $30

  11. I’ll patiently wait for the return of the backlog 👌

  12. Man that hair is fighting to stay on your head…

  13. Oh hell yeah it was! I definitely loved RB2 over the rest.
    RB1 was great, but damn those loading times, also it wasn't that optimized for menu navigation, although the soundtrack was great.
    RB3 was good because you could play all your DLC songs, the addition of harmonies and keys was fantastic, but the soundtrack was meh, and it felt very limited.
    Haven't played RB4 yet, because I bought a PS4 instead of an Xbox One (I played Rock Band on the Xbox 360, so all my purchased DLC is in my Xbox Live account)

    RB2… I have fond memories of this one. Everything was superb.

    I bought a lot of instruments, including the Premium Rock Band 2 ION drums and the keyboard, fortunately they all still work.
    I'm just waiting the perfect time to get an Xbox One with RB4 Rivals and adapters to use my old RB instruments.

    Easily my favorite franchise of the past generation.

  14. I would sacrifice my first born child for more backlog

  15. The Taiko series have no fail mode automatically

  16. I still remember going on day one and picking up Rock band 2. Carrying that huge box threw the store.

  17. MORE BACKLOG! Like, next weekend!! I better wake up next Saturday to find more Backlog. Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Guitar Hero: Metallica (2009) was the final "good" entry. After that, it was all downhill for the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games….anyone else remember the commercial for that game with Metallica blowing up the house?

  19. My dad died on Christmas and I didn't get anything for Christmas

  20. My name is Princeton cadet in the giveaway

  21. The DLC was the best fucking thing for this game. I'm glad I got to experience the RB2 days from the beginning. My friends and I played the shit out of online tour mode on Xbox 360. We got to beat the endless setlist by October 2008 and that really hurt my fingers for me and my 2 other friends because I was guitar, my other 2 friends were using drums and the other was using bass. The vocalist had no problem with being tired all the time (lucky bastard). System Of A Down in my opinion was the head banger of the DLC including Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm cover). Also I just wanted to correct you that Rock Band didn't introduce the no fail mode, Guitar Hero 1 did but it was called "Crowd Meter Stays Green". The amount of DLC that was introduced in this game was incredible and can never compare to the other GH and RB games.

  22. Do you have any extra switch pro controllers that I can have please and thanks

  23. Backlog is simply amazing. There’s not one video that sucks. Is always nice to remember and revisit old games to compare our opinions and to see your views on the game.

  24. More Backlog! My favorite type of videos from you guys.

  25. We need more backlog and more bob band 2 commercials lol

  26. Really Love the Backlog keep it coming

  27. Too bad there weren't double pedals for the drumset

  28. RB3 was and is still the best. Especially 'cuz it has been hacked and gets new custom songs all the time!

  29. More backlog with love 💚 the randomized part of it is the best part btw nothing should be changed you guys rock 🤘

  30. Lego Rockband is the best new rockband game in my opinion

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