Scary Music in Children's Games Vol. 1 -

Scary Music in Children’s Games Vol. 1

Pixels After Dark
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It’s not uncommon to find scary music in children’s games. Many popular video games fall victim to this, such as Mario and Kirby. Scary Music in Children’s games is everywhere and often very blatant. That’s why today, we are Pixels After Dark are going to dive deep into six times children’s games went a little too far.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Super Paper Mario – River Twygz Bed
2:01 Minecraft – Music Disc 11
3:15 Earthbound – Giygas Boss Theme
4:25 Kirby 64 – Ripple Star Catacombs
5:15 Crazy Bus – Title Screen
6:30 Animal Crossing – K K Dirge
7:45 Outro

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  1. I knew super paper mario would be on here

  2. Scary fact: did you know That the paper mario river theme, if altered, you might hear help me

  3. I think everyone knows the Minecraft scary music

  4. Yo Pixels, In the next video include Shifting Sand Dunes from Mario 64.

  5. If you somehow don't know what disc 11 is I am officially going to teach you everything scary about Minecraft that includes every single Creepypasta I know way too much about this game please help

  6. So glad someone’s finally pointing out K.K dirge 🙂

  7. Bro the crazy bus almost sounded like

    The one in cyrus video named welcome to kitty town

  8. me after him saying disk 11:
    onononononono AAAAAA

  9. the Minecraft music is a person who tried escapeing and recording it and I think someone is killing the person and u can hear the breathing of the person and in the end it's full of slience .

  10. Um animal crossing is for adults to sit back and relax

  11. put he paper maro one in reverse … its creepy 😭

  12. The super Mario soundtrack is from Mr. Incredibles being uncanny phase 23

  13. Animal crossing game music is more than fnf game



  15. This is creeper then going to get water at night lol 😂

  16. Kids play minecraft but that dont mean minecraft is children game😡

  17. I’m Surprised that K.K Hypno is Not on the List That Song is the Creepiest Song in Animal Crossing to me.

  18. K.K Hypno is Still the Creepiest Song in Animal Crossing

  19. No man im a literal demon
    i see creepy things in my life
    But now it's just normal to me
    Now… it's ben so long since i was
    Afraid of something… please somebody help me let me
    Free me from this demon inside of me

  20. K.K. Before: cute little guitar duggo!
    K.K. Now: 💀

  21. The crazy bus title screen is giving "the music maker just spammed buttons in their music software"

  22. Please talk about some miitopia music! Some of it is really creepy…

  23. Paper mario is super creepy. The unsettling sound track is given. Me goose bumps. Im scared

  24. Fun Fact: I live in the river twigs bed and it's always scary there under hands won't even stop bothering me they keep begging me to put them out the river and I say no. But for me it's peaceful because I am the creator of the river twigs

  25. Disc 11 is just Steve tryna get his midnight snack and the lighter sound is him turning on the lighter so he can see, him running faster is him realizing his mom is chasing him with the belt

  26. K.k. Synth is also creepy but on the tape deck or other music things it sounds like a BEAT! So no need to scared!

  27. Minecraft is not a children's game.

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