Separate Game Audio, Discord, Music in OBS -

Separate Game Audio, Discord, Music in OBS

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How to split all of your audio sources in OBS Studio for full independent control.

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0:00 Separate Audio Sources in OBS Studio
1:10 Win-Capture-Audio Plugin
1:59 Setting up a Nested Scene
2:20 Adding an Audio Source
3:51 Audio Sources Nested Scene
4:28 Stream Deck Control of Audio Sources
4:51 Audio Ducking/Sidechaining

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  1. How can I do this for Discord ? I followed the steps but you can’t hear my teammates on my stream

  2. Mate, this doesn't work, I'll tell you what I'm doing and let me know if I messed up.

    If I disable desktop audio and desktop audio 2 on settings > audio my viewers don't hear crap on my stream.

    I went ahead and created the nested scene with all audio sources then imported that to my "Game" scene, it doesn't work at all, it's useless, if I set the desktop audio in settings > audio to my headset (which is the only way to make my viewers listen to the game I'm trying to broadcast, you know, the whole point of this crap), then in that case they can hear the game, yes, but when I play something on chrome, Spotify or whatever the hell, it sounds loud and clear on the stream, it also doesn't help to mute or lower the slider.

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me and I'm about to give up my whole channel because of how fucking hard it is to stream on PC and how little help you find online, it's ridiculous.

  3. I know this is an old video but is there a way to make it so it picks up ingame communication? Ive been playing Val and Apex, and the stream doesnt pick up player comms when said thru voice chat.

  4. Followed everything step by step but it doesn't capture any of the app's sound like spotify, discord, games…

  5. for me it doesnt have any sound, i see the sliders moving but they dont give sound when i check the recording

  6. Thank you kindly for this still working guide, very much to the point and the nested scene as many others pointed out is incredibly convenient!

  7. idk if someone have the same problem as me, but when i stream valorant with that separate audio the team voicecoms are not being capture in the stream. If someone could help me, i ll be grateful

  8. quick question, qhen i open a new game do i need to add a new audio source everytime?

  9. How can I add the sounds from my alerts? (new follow, sub, etc) since I have desktop off I don't get any sounds for them on stream

  10. How would I get the audio for alerts for example when someone follows or donates?

  11. Been following for years now and everytime I stumble across an OBS issue – You always have a vid that sorts it. Appreciate it!

  12. This is very helpful. i was wondering if you have ran into the issue i'm having. every time i close OBS and re-open it i have to re-do all the sources and re-select Spotify and Discord. Have you had this happened before?

  13. This is awesome.
    Quick question though, do I have create a new source for every single game I play, or is there a way to have a general "gaming" source that can be set up?
    Thanks to anyone that can help.

  14. i seem to be the only person getting buzzing in the background of my recordings, i'm trying to record a game and a discord call seperately. Game is on desktop audio and discord is using application audio capture on my second monitor.

  15. I did step by step in the video and i get zero audio after in my record file but on my mixer in obs i see i have sound moving

  16. I can’t find application audio just regular audio output capture

  17. Thank god Obs add this feature , now
    But it's very late 😂

  18. I Streamed in valo but my obs can't capture ingame players mic. Please help, Thank you!

  19. Do you have to add one for each game? or can you make one for all games? and how

  20. added the audio capture, but it still won't give any sound?

  21. Is this for Windows only? Or is there also a Mac Version?

  22. sir thank you for amazıng ınformatıons. ı need your help.. ı have mıc-aux and deskop sounds settıngs ın obs, ı set my mıc and speaker on settıngs.. ı am playıng valorant whıle streamıng, when ı am on stream to play valorant when ı push the button (left alt or v ) for talkıng to my teammates, my voıce dont go to stream….. what ıs the problem sir..thank you.

  23. So how do I get the sound from games without any of the clutter of the rest of the sounds?

  24. Masterful guide, and surprisingly quite short for the amount of detail. Very well done!

  25. DOn't think this is working for me. I mute the audio capture source and it still plays thru. Trying it out in stream.

  26. you look like a amango embodied into a human but thankyou for the tip

  27. Thank you so much for the easy guide, great that they added it directly into OBS now as well.

  28. I had to install OBS again. I tried the OBS functionality and found it lacking in the ability to select audio from a list of executables. OBS only allows one executable. I will continue to use the win capture audio plugin.

  29. bro, i got delayed on my stream cause this plugin can u ask me how to fix that mate ?

  30. thank you, good sir. this was most helpful!!

  31. Thank you so much this is exactly what I have wanted to do .

  32. I went through 2 other tutorials for this and you were the only one to mention how to add a nested scene into another source, so thank you for helping!!

  33. So happy about this! I have a Scarlett Solo running a Shure mic and every time I would setup Voicemeter it would make my mic have static every time. Glad I can finally circumvent it. Thanks for the video!

  34. hey mate i tried doing this and i have lost the twitch notification sounds and the redeemable channel points. are these just on desktop audio or do you know if they can be added as a application audio??

  35. Years later im watching this again and its so very helpful, but i cant figure out a way to have everything separated AND still have a place producing audio for when my alerts go off

  36. hey, can someone help me? I did all that is recommended in this video but the music is still going to my VODs. I even unchecked my tracks (saw someone say to uncheck the "6" track in advanced audio settings", I did it but it still records. Then I unchecked all tracks except for number one but it stilll stays in my VODs. I dont know what to do. Someone?

  37. Used this for my streams so I can listen to an audio book while I play. 10/10

  38. my settings are now screwed up. i can only record audio and still dont know how to add game audio as you didn''t show it in your video. someone please help

  39. How can i add an audio source that captures the audio of my stream deck sound board?

  40. Thank you for this video. fixed my OBS and now i can do more than before. great help.

  41. This plugins functionality is now included in the latest versions of OBS, so there's no need to download or install the plugin anymore. Everything else in this guide is still the same though!

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